Requisition Configuration (Customized Requisition UI): Program Data Collection


In order to collect different data for different kinds of reports, customized sections for the requisition template is designed as an enhancement for template configuration.

By choosing different sections within the program and set the details for each section, the requisition of the program will be customized for specific levels of facility.

  • Consultation number section

  • KIT usage data section

  • Product section

  • Usage information for each product section

  • Regimen section

  • Patient section

  • Test consumption section

By checking the needed section, a preview of the selected section will display, and the admin can click “setting” to the detailed setting the configuration of the selected section. This configuration columns page will show the preview of the configured template and allow admin to confirm what the template will look like.

Different sections make up a customized UI requisition. For example, the ARV report, the Malaria report, and the Rapid Test report.

By setting the template as “report only” in period configuration, the customized UI requisition without product section don’t need to transfer to an order, it can be used to collect different data from facilities.




Dercio Duvane