Adjustments: Notification of stockout


Email Template

Subject: STOCKOUT Action Required: <Facility name>, <Orderable name>


Dear <user_name>:
This email is informing you that there is 0 stock on hand for <Orderable Name + Lot information> in <program name> at <facility name> as of <date it went to that level>. As of today, this product has been stocked out for <number of days of stockout = today's date - date SOH went to 0>.
Please login to view the bin card and take immediate action.
View bin card for <orderable name>: <URL to View BIN CARD>
Initiate emergency requisition for this product: <url link to Initiate Requisition page>
Thank you.


  • Knowing the username and the password of a System Administrator (e.g. administrator) and of a user authorized to make stock adjustments (e.g. srmanager2);

  • Changing the administrator's email address to one's own and verifying it;

  • Logging into the application as the user authorized to make stock adjustments and navigating to Stock Management > Adjustments.

History from Zephyr:

  • Earlier Execution Status: 3.10 RC3 Passed.




Joanna Szymańska