CCE Inventory: Notification of nonfuctional CCE



  • Knowing the credentials of a System Administrator (e.g. administrator) and a Warehouse Clerk (e.g. divo1);

  • Changing the Warehouse Clerk's (e.g. divo1) email address to your own as the System Administrator and verifying it;

  • Logging into the application as the Warehouse Clerk and navigating to CCE Management > CCE Inventory.

The email notification template:

Subject: Attention: <equipment type> at facility <facility name> is <functional status>


Dear <user_name>:This email is to inform you that the <equipment type> "<reference name>" at <facility name> is has been marked as <functional status> with the reason "<reason for nonfunctional status>." The last status update for this device was made by user <username> at <timestamp of functional status save>.Please login to view the list of non-functioning CCE needing attention at this facility. <url link to View CCE list filtered for that facility>

Thank you

History from Zephyr:

  • Earlier Execution Status: 3.9 RC2 Failed.




Joanna Szymańska