View Proof of Delivery: Providing reasons for rejected stock



  • Knowing the credentials of any user authorized to manage Proofs of Delivery (e.g. divo1), manage stock (e.g. vsrmanager1) and of a System Administrator (e.g. administrator);

  • Setting Lurio, Cuamba as home facility for vsrmanager1 as the System Administrator;

  • Assigning the Stock Manager role for the EPI program to vsrmanager1 as the System Administrator;

  • A not-confirmed PoD has to exist for an order for Lurio as requesting facility (i.e. an order with the "Shipped" status for Lurio has to exist);

  • Logging into the application as the first user and navigating to Orders > Manage Proof of Delivery.


History from Zephyr:

  • Earlier Execution Status: 3.10 RC1 Passed




Joanna Szymańska