Orders: Notification on received shipment



  • Knowing the credentials of a System Administrator (e.g. administrator) and of a user authorized to fulfill orders and manager PoDs (e.g. divo1);

  • Changing divo1's email address to one's own as administrator and verifying it;

  • At least one order with ORDERED or FULFILLING status has to be created in the system;

  • Logging into the application as divo1 and navigating to Orders > Fulfill Orders.

The email notification template:

Subject: <order number> Received by <receiving facility>


Dear <firstName> <lastName>,

You are receiving this notification because the shipment that you created to fulfill <OrderNumber> on <ShipmentCreatedDate> has arrived at <receiving facility> and has been confirmed by <receivedBy> on <receivedDate>. For details, you can view the electronic copy of the Proof of Delivery at this link: <link to PoD>

History from Zephyr:

  • Earlier Execution Status: 3.10 RC1 Passed

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Joanna Szymańska