View Proof of Delivery: Grouping line items by commodity types and trade items



  • Knowing the credentials of a System Administrator (e.g. administrator) and of a Warehouse Clerk (e.g. divo1);

  • Converting a requisition to an order and then, fulfilling the resultant order as the Warehouse Clerk;

  • Changing EPI at Distrital Cuamba to be externally fulfilled as the System Administrator (by going to Administration > Facilities > “Edit” next to Deposito Distrital Cuamba > “Associated Programs” > Unselecting “Locally Fulfilled” next to the EPI program);

  • Converting a requisition to an order as the Warehouse Clerk (by going to Requisitions > Convert to Order);

  • Navigating to Orders > Manage Proof of Delivery.

History from Zephyr:

  • Earlier Execution Status: 3.9 RC2 Passed




Joanna Szymańska