Create a pipeline for end-user performance tests


We need to create a pipeline for end-user performance tests. It should load Malawi performance testing data to the server and run the tests. After executing all tests, it should bring back core performance data.

To avoid the issue with changing snapshots, we could add the original user open_lmis to the current database.

The pipeline will run the deploy-to-perftest-mw job as the first step. It should use the new performance snapshot. Include some waiting time and run functional tests measuring time.

We should also revert the latest changes which were added to the deployment and the deploy job for functional tests.

Acceptance criteria:

  • Update job on Jenkins to deploy to functional tests (clean-up)

  • Create a new pipeline for running end-user performance tests

  • The pipeline should make a deploy and run tests

  • We are still able to run core automatic performance tests


Paulina Buzderewicz
February 10, 2021, 11:15 AM

After testing the ticket, I have following comments:

  • The new pipeline doesn’t bring back core performance data.

  • The core performance data is brought back after two deployments to perftest - it is probably connected to the missing user in the original database.

Klaudia Pałkowska
8 days ago

Everything looks good. Performance data are brought back properly after running the end-user performance pipeline. The only issue I see is the incorrect status mentioned on Slack - failed instead of unstable.

Paulina Buzderewicz
4 days ago

The end-point performance tests ween’t triggered for a few days in last week. When they had finally run, they failed with 404 not found errors.


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