Requisition: Emergency table -> The empty row disappear for a moment after click Add product button.


When we go to the Requisition -> Emergency table and we add for example 12 products and we left for example one empty, not filled after we click Add Product button we can see that this one row disappeared from the table.

1. Log in as a user who can Create a Requisition, administrator
2. Go to the Requisition
3. Pick Emergency Type
4. Add for example 12 products
5. Fill the Requested quantity and Requested quantity explanation columns for mostly all products
6. Leave one or two empty
7. Click Add Product button
8. You can observe that your empty rows are not displayed now in the table.

Actual result:
The empty row disappears from the table when the Add Product modal is opened.

Expected result:
The empty row should stay in the same place in the table when the Add Product modal is opened.






Alicja Baranowska