System Notifications are not refreshed properly


After adding System Notification, the indicator "No System Notifications" does not change to "System Notifications". After clicking it, the home page screen is visible properly but there is no "System Notification" - the page must be refreshed to see this.

If the notification is expired, it is in the home page screen still - it disappears only after logging out and logging in again.

Reproduction Steps:
1. Go to Administration -> System Notifications
2. Add System Notification (with start date ex. previous day and expiry date ex. few minutes later from now)
3. Even if you added the notification, the indicator on the right corner says "No System Notification". Click it.
4. There is no system notification on the home page.
5. Refresh the home page.
6. The system notifications occurred.
7. Wait until the expiry date hour and refresh the home page.
8. Refresh the home page.
9. The system notification is still there, despite the fact it is expired.
10. Log out and log in again.
11. The system notification on the home page disappeared.

That issue was also in the previous system version so it is not connected to regression.

Acceptance criteria: System Notifications on the home page and the indicator on the right corner works properly.

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Nikola Laskowska