Stock on Hand table pagination not working in offline mode


Pagination is not working in Stock on Hand table in offline mode.
This issue is caused by incorrect caching of the data on this page (new entry is created in the db for every page).

Dev notes:

  • We do not want to cache and replace data in PouchDB when the pagination parameter is provided in the request

  • We need to alter how the pagination for Stock on Hand works in the offline mode - it needs to happen on the frontend side (RegisterList)




Alicja Baranowska
6 days ago

A separate ticket was created for all minor issues with pagination and displaying the right number of items

The main goal of this ticket was to fix the pagination in Stock on Hand table in offline mode and this feature is working fine.

Alicja Baranowska
7 days ago


  • Pagination is working in Stock on Hand table in offline mode, but I see few small random bugs. It is hard to reproduce it, but it always happens when I switch mode from offline to online and from online to offline.

  1. When I switch mode from offline to online we can see that the table with 3 items is displayed but the pagination disappeared and below the table, we can see the text that no items are visible ( Firefox )


  2. Here we can see that during change the mode in one moment the pagination is blocked, we cannot switch the page and the wrong number of items is displayed. It shows 0 out of 10 but we have here 13 items. ( Firefox )


  3. Here also a random situation from Chrome. During change the mode I observed that in one moment we cannot see the page numbers.


  4. And the last one from Firefox. During changing the mode from online to offline we cannot see the product items but it should show 10 out of 13.

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