Configure Approved Quantity


As an implementer, I want the option to include "Approved Quantity" (K) (Final approved quantity. This is quantified in dispensing units.) attribute on the approval form so that supply manager can indicate the number of dispensing units approved for each product resupply.

Acceptance Criteria
Verify that:

  • the attribute is configurable by users with admin rights

  • if K is configured, it is available during the approval step of the requisition process (not the create step)

  • the attribute label is a string defined by the implementer

  • if the attribute checked, the attribute is displayed in the defined order on the approval form

  • if attribute unchecked it does not appear on the approval form

  • the attribute can be assigned a display order by the admin (QA please double check this with 2.0 behavior)

  • user input for Approved Quantity must be non negative integer

  • user input for Approved Quantity is required if configured

  • the display order is enforced in the approval form

  • users with admin permissions can define if the quantity entered by the user is in packs or dispensing units (boolean, other values are not accepted)

  • If packs, the quantity defined by the user (when filling it in) will be packs and not dispensing units. The pack size is defined in the OrderableProduct attributes. please verify this statement.

    • In 2.0 it was within Products and the following comes from the configuration guide. please review it for more details.

  • match 2.0 functionality and validation

The pack size attribute indicates how many dispensing units are contained in each pack. While individual patients receive one or more dispensing units of a product, a warehouse typically ships one or more "packs" to an SDP as part of the replenishment process. Depending upon the product, a pack could be a single vial of a vaccination, or it could be a box of strips of antibiotic capsules. In the latter case, the dispensing unit might then typically be a strip of 10 antibiotic capsules


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