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2Stock statusAs a Vaccine managing officer, I can get different indispensable information on the stock status report. I can see the available stock that I have, how many of them have expired or are about to expire, how many of them are reserved for facilities, whether I am overstocked, near EOP or below EOP and much more.HCMISMust Have

Item detail report

As a Vaccine managing officer, in this report, I can see all the transactions for a certain item I selected and the detailed information about each transaction.

Most like bin card in OpenLMIS v3 (VS note) so review this as part of that

HCMISMust Have

Near expiry

As a Vaccine managing officer, I can see the number of months left for an item to get expired and the quantity that will be expired.

How to determine which is "near expiry"? Are the numbers showing up in weeks to expiry in the SS? Who needs this, how often, what decisions, and how interactive should these be?

HCMISMust Have




Open Questions

Below is a list of questions to be addressed as a result of this requirements document:

1How is item detail report different from the bin card functionality that is being built for OpenLMIS 3.1? What else would we need to add to make this reporting piece work out of that?
2How is near expiry determined?

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    1. Item detail report and Bincard differ on HCMIS only by their filter type, in final outcome they both shows us Bin card. with Bincard you will find an Item under an Activity, But in Item detail report first you select an Item and you can check the item from multiple accounts its belonged.
    2. Near Expiry is determined by the setting in HCMIS there is a place where we can fill a trigger point for every Items, So the system determine the item as a Near Expiry when that trigger point is reached.