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Incomplete tasks from meetings

DescriptionDue dateAssigneeTask appears on
Josh Zamor2017-05-09 Meeting note
  • Josh Zamor create "stub" ticket for referencedata pagination/extra data
Josh Zamor2017-05-09 Meeting note
Mary Jo Kochendorfer2017-05-09 Meeting notes
  • Sebastian Brudziński to continue maturing Malawi Ext. Proposal for Average Consumption.  Post to technical forum for intermediate feedback
Sebastian Brudziński2017-04-18 Meeting note
  • Sebastian Brudziński to remind technical committee to discuss new draft document at next committee call (May 2nd)
Sebastian Brudziński2017-04-18 Meeting note
Mateusz Kwiatkowski2017-04-10 UI post-split workshop
  • Validation check on the pop-up modal might cause performance issue, frequent network communication;
2017-04-06 Meeting notes
  • Unable to update the quantity of added products for adjustment page, if there is an mistake the only workaround would be clear them all;
2017-04-06 Meeting notes
  • Change the stock events API to support each orderable will have its own reason
2017-04-06 Meeting notes
  • Josh Zamor propose how demo data can be more reliably pulled into development cycle
Josh Zamor2017-04-04 Meeting notes

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