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Incomplete tasks from meetings

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Nick Reid2017-06-16 Meeting notes - Performance (mid to long-term)
  • Josh Zamor to write a couple JIRA issues for next steps
Josh Zamor2017-06-16 Meeting notes - Performance (mid to long-term)
  • Malawi team to test performance after all the changes merged
2017-06-14 Core-MW Performance Meeting notes
2017-06-13 Meeting notes
  • Josh Zamor choose a different meeting tech - uberconf ran out of space
Josh Zamor2017-06-13 Meeting notes
  • Josh Zamor update the invite for the correct meeting space
Josh Zamor2017-06-13 Meeting notes
  • Sebastian Brudziński and Josh Zamor to research FTAP update as delete OR archive - what would Stock Management and Fulfillment service do if FTAP is removed or changed?  What should be the general strategy for Reference Data Service for update / delete operations.
Sebastian Brudziński2017-05-30 Meeting notes
  • Sebastian Brudziński & team to issue PR to Requisition service for new email template fields (and possibly new technique to pass complex objects and navigate them within the template)?
Sebastian Brudziński2017-05-30 Meeting notes
  • Josh Zamor and Ben Leibert to provide wiki page on Transifex limits: projects, strings, users, groups.  Goal is to ensure that community can continue to rely on Transifex's open source donation, even for implementation projects
Josh Zamor2017-05-30 Meeting notes
  • Josh Zamor to write "ideal next" ticket for language settings
Josh Zamor2017-05-30 Meeting notes

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