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Comment: Changed MW tickets into public visible pull requests


report-ui 5.0.2

Bug fixes:

See report-ui CHANGELOG.

requisition-ui 5.1.0

New functionality added in a backwards-compatible manner:


  • OLMIS-2444: Added new "add" button class.
  • OLMIS-2533: Allowed for smaller requests from UI to server.
  • OLMIS-2572: Column definition will now show when hovering over whole header instead of only the button.
  • OLMIS-2567: Implements openlmis-facility-program-select.


  • OLMIS-2566: Requisition search endpoint will now return new, smaller Dto DTO object, which only contains basic information about the requisition, processing period, program and facility.
  • OLMIS-2533: Requisition endpoints: initiate, update, submit, authorize, approve, requisitionsForConvert will now return new, smaller Dto basic DTO object, which only contains basic information required for API client.
  • MW-305: Requisition submit, skip, reject, approve and authorize endpoints now are returning smaller basic dto.
  • Added new REJECTED status which is basically the same as INITIATEDThis performance improvement depends on the corresponding UI improvements made in the requisition-ui; see above.
  • Added support for requisition REJECTED status.
    This is a new feature to improve the Rejected requisition workflow. It was contributed by a country implementation. See the updated Requisition States and Workflow documentation.

*These are significant changes that alters alter previous API contracts. The API changes will impact developers who are using these Requisition APIs. For end-users, the changes bring significant performance improvements because the data returned by some endpoints has been reduced for efficiency.


Performance improvements added in a backwards-compatible manner: