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Table of Contents

The purpose of this test plan is to outline regression testing for 3.2.1 release candidate. 



Sam (for Team ILL)

Joanna (for Team Parrot)

  • Create Test Cycles 
  • Create missing test cases and assign to test cycles
  • Assign Test Cases to team members
  • Point person for any questions about test cases from the team
  • Review execution of the test cycles, there should be positive progress during the day
  • Prioritize bugs per test cycle, Check that developers have detailed proposed solutions (if time allows or developer's experience allows)
  • Report the status of each test cycle, including defects reported, before end of day 
  • Review automated testing and provide status before end of day (go to
  • Sam Im (Unlicensed) One question concerning the next phase of regression tests. In this phase, some of the test cases were added to more than one test cycle, and thus executed by more than one person (frequently by members of both teams, and in several cases, even by three people, as they were added to the Team Parrot's cycle and two team ILL's cycles). Will it be so also in the next phase? I'm asking about it because during standard regression test cycle executions, the test cases were divided between testers and each test case was always executed only once, by one person.
Team ILL & Team Parrot
  • Execute test cases assigned to you
  • Record the test execution by following these steps:Testing Process & Test Plans#ExecutingTestCase
  • Enter Defects as needed (by following the steps detailed in the "creating bugs" section below)
  • If there are any Blocker bugs, try to spend time completing a root cause analysis and detail in the bug ticket
  • When a defect is found, research and provide proposals in the ticket for review by Sam & Joanna (as time allows)
  • Assist other testers as needed
  • Josh Zamor to set up testing server environment(s)
  • Josh Zamor to provide updates on automated performance testing results
  • Brandon Bowersox-Johnson to coordinate manual UI Performance Testing
  • For the test run in Sprint 38 testers will be Sam ImVisvapriya Kandasamy, maybe one dev from Team Parrot if they are not working on critical tickets
  • Brandon Bowersox-Johnson will work with Paweł Gesek on assigning responsibility for member on Team Parrot to help test UI performance during the release candidate testing


  1. The component leads will identify any missing test cases and detail them in the Test Case Coverage section below.
  2. Then the QA leads will assign the test case to the test cycle and to the team members that will execute the test cases. How to create Test Cycles process is located here:Testing Process & Test Plans#CreatingaTestCycle
  3. The Test Cycle will include tests for all components. Sam and Joanna will create a minimum of 3 Test Cycles for the 3.2.1 Regression Testing. Three Test Cycles are created per team. We may need more test cycles depending on the bug cycles.
    1. Regression Phase 1 - Parrot, Regression Phase 1 - ILL
    2. Bug Fix Phase 1 - Parrot, Bug Fix Phase 1 - ILL
    3. Regression Phase 2 - Parrot, Regression Phase 2 - ILL
  4. If a test case has been executed and is in a status that needs to be retested, Sam or Joanna must create the new Test Cycle and assign the test case before testing can begin. Do not run a test case using the Ad hoc test cycle.
  5. Sam and Joanna will determine per their team when a new test cycle is created and assign the test executions to team members.


  1. Review test cases for your component: Search in Zephyr for all test cases by component. Instructions are here:Testing Process & Test Plans#SearchforTestCasesbyComponentorbyLabel
  2. Compare the test cases to the feature for your component (links to the features are in the table below).
  3. Missing test scenarios must be listed in the table below.
  4. Once the test cases are created and labeled with the component, add the test case number to the table below so that Joanna or Sam can add them to the correct Test Cycle.


All testers must follow the test case execution process detailed here:Testing Process & Test Plans#ExecutingTestCase

If there are any questions about how to execute a test case, or questions about the test case steps, please contact your QA team lead.


Step by Step instructions on how to create a bug/defect is located here:Testing Process & Test Plans#EnteringDefectsduringRegressiontesting

For Regression testing we will follow this bug prioritization (also outlined on


  1. When a bug is entered by the Malawi team it should be assigned to the epic: 
    serverSystem JIRA
  2. Instructions on how to enter bugs/defects are located here:Testing Process & Test Plans#EnteringDefectsduringRegressiontesting