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Description:  Review current code assets including features and technical debt 

Leads: Rich, Ashraf

To Join Remotely: 

Join the call:

Optional dial-in number: 857-216-2500

PIN: 36416

Rapporteur/Notetaker:  Darius

Notes from Session:  (audio recording failed)


  • Key Question:  "What should the next implementation do?  Which branch does it start from?"


  • "2.0" is pulling from "eLMIS" automatically, at every commit
  • "eLMIS" has pulled from "2.0" once (very recently) and intends to continue doing this manually ~ every week
  • "2.0" is a "development trunk", it's not typically fully functional


Karl: I'd like to see over the next 6 months, that "2.0" becomes the master upstream branch for development. And having the "eLMIS" in bitbucket makes things a lot harder.


Rich: Right now, 2.0 is not really "upstream", and we all want it to be.


Ashram: Once VIMS is released (later this year, or next year) then we can put resources into shifting from bitbucket to github.


Rich: Current state: 2.0 is not releasable (e.g includes incomplete features)


Karl: Have a separate repository with Moz-specific configuration. Going forwards, we should have a default/demo configuration and feature toggles that disable features not yet complete.


New features in 2.0 (Ashram)


* Different configurations for R&R, with different calculations ("R&R Templates")

* Different groupings within an R&R

* Reports

* Checks status of equipment before certain orders (and requires explanations for broken equipment)

* Dashboard on home screen (role-specific)

* uploading of photos from an android application (ODK)

* integration with RapidSMS gateway

* GIS map

* ILS gateway



Some Code Statistics (Josh)

  • 68k lines of code
    • core: 12k LOC
    • reports: 12k LOC
    • openlmis-web: 5.6k LOC
    • vaccine: 3k LOC


  • including tests, ~100k lines of code
  • total test coverage: ~25%
  • ~200 DB tables

             (Ashram: some database tables are there as proof of concept and are great examples of things to "clean up")

What we need to make a master branch?

  • Cleanup:  remove tables
  • Hide features (UI)
    • Doc/describe how
  • Have a default/demo config (following pattern)

    • Evaluate TW customization module

    • For country-specific configurations
    • Doc and recommend as good practices
  • Doc and describe features
    • Identify which are Global versus country-specific
  • Merge in "accessibility"
  • Published FAQ on current state?
  • Endgame:  final test/stability run; merge to master
  • Finalized branching strategy (e.g. "gitflow")