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At the September 2015 OpenLMIS Community Meeting, it was decided an updated, global and stable release of OpenLMIS was needed.  Recognizing a single master branch of OpenLMIS was essential to shared benefit, an effort had already begun to merge together the major branches/forks.  2.0 is that consolidation, and is a merge of eLMIS, the 1.0 branch (GitHub) and updates from the CHAI Mozambique project.


The consolidated code contained some features that were very project specific.  As the desire was for a global, generic OpenLMIS from a default install, such features were hidden, or "toggled off".  More details are here (INSERT LINK WHEN AVAILABLE)available here: OpenLMIS 2.0 Release: Product Overview.

No new features were developed expressly exclusively for 2.0.


  • Founding of OpenLMIS Technical Committee for tech governance
  • Updated Contribution Guide - see in the source
  • New coding principles guide - see in the source
  • Establishment of shared tools and infrastructure, notably
    • Continuous Integration (Jenkins)
    • Static code analysis (Sonar)
    • Issue tracking and project management (JIRA)
    • Developer forum (Google Groups)