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For archiving documents, notes, and feedback from the Governance Committee on the OpenLMIS Sustainability work with Resonance

Final Deliverables and


Outputs from Resonance engagement:

Name of DeliverableObjective of deliverableLink to deliverable file
Final Report and Recommendations (December 2019)Provide a final summary of OpenLMIS future state options, observations/considerations, and recommendations for the stewards and community to move forwardOpenLMIS Sustainability Final Report Handover.pdf
Transition Planning- OpenLMIS Community MeetingFacilitate community consensus around the exploration of future partnerships that can sustain the initiative, while adhering to core OpenLMIS principles. Particular focus on partnership opportunities with IQVIA and Mezzanine 

11.19 IQVIA Partnership Concept Note.pdf11.19 11.19

Mezzanine Overview for OpenLMIS.pdf11.19

OpenLMIS Community Meeting Day 1 Slides.pdf11.19

OpenLMIS Community Meeting Day 2 Slides.pdf

Transition Planning

Explore key elements to the OpenLMIS go-to-market strategy. 

Create a 1 page advocacy tool to use with future fundraising efforts as needed.

Investigate potential of working with DIAL on the open-source center as part of our strategy.

09.19 Go-To-Market Planning by Lenati.pptx1

0.19 OpenLMIS Fundraising Executive Summary Draft.docx11.19

DIAL OSC Concept Note for OpenLMIS Sustainability.pdf11.19

Options for OpenLMIS Engagement with DIAL OSC.docx

Market Research- Private Health

(Sept-Nov 2019)

Investigate the case for augmenting OpenLMIS to be used for private health customers.

Use prototype to gague interest in potential private health customers

07.19 Private Health Customer Interview Guide.docx09.19

OpenLMIS for Private Health Prototype Interview Guide.docx09.19

OpenLMIS for Private Health Prototype Presentation (VillageReach).pptx09.19 Private Health Market Sizing Information.xlsx10.19

Private Health Customer Profiling and Prototype Feedback.docx11.19

A Case for OpenLMIS for Private Health.pdf

Market Research- Agriculture Sector Viability Report Explore the viability of using OpenLMIS core technology and applying it to the agricultural sector as a potential new marketOpenLMIS Sustainability_Agriculture Sector Viability Report_Sept 2019.pdf
Market Research- Country and Customer SegmentationExplore revenue generating target markets, particularly LMICs, where OpenLMIS could capture market share06.19 Country and Customer Segmentation.pdf
Market Research- Market Sounding Visit Trip ReportTrip to Vietnam, South Africa, and Bangladesh to interview stakeholders (including current and potential partners) to 'pressure test' business models and discuss potential growth opportunities and partnerships.05.19 Market Sounding Trip Report.docx
Business Modeling (Sept-Nov 2019)Explore blended financial models, potential approaches, considerations, cost modeling, and viability of these models to support OpenLMIS

09.19 Financing Tools, Types, Outcomes & Impact.pdf10.19

Investors & Funders List & Questions Template.xlsx11.19

Costing Calculations.xlsx11.19

Financial Model.xlsx

Business Models-early stage (Jan 2019)Assess OpenLMIS current state vs future state; community temperature check on high level business model options

01.19 Business Model Scorecard Template.pdf

01.19 Early-Stage Business Models.pdf

Foundational Research (Jan 2019)Synthesize previous internal and external research on this topic, map current stakeholder roles & capabilities, define OpenLMIS Core attributes

01.19 Stakeholder Interview Report.docx01.19

Stakeholder Map.pdf02.19

OpenLMIS Core Attributes and Early Business Model Ranking.pdf12.18

Rapid Data Review.docx

Presentations made to the governance committee (throughout 2019)To continually engage, update, and receive feedback from governance committee stakeholders throughout the process

2019.02.12 - February GC meeting presentation.pptx

2019.04.16 - April GC meeting presentation.pptx

2019.05.21 - May GC meeting presentation.pptx

June GC call - OpenLMIS Sustainability Update.pptx

July GC call - OpenLMIS Sustainability Update.pptx

August GC call - OpenLMIS Sustainability Update.pdf

Sept GC Call - OpenLMIS Sustainability Update_ra_revised.pptx

October GC Call - Slides pre-call.pptx