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  •  BAO: Rebecca to send Trusted Partner information to Steffen and BAO systems. - DONE
  •  Zambia: Mary Jo to bring up SMSforLife to JSI team and understand what their thoughts are of the application and potential use of it or integration with it in Zambia.  Rebecca to follow up and see if the JSI team would be willing to share more details on the online training developed with the community. A potential addition to the OpenLMIS Implementer Guide.
  •  Bahmi: Follow up with Steven ( about an opportunity with MedSource. - DONE
  •  Jembi: Mary Jo Kochendorfer (Deactivated) to follow up with Chris about ways we could potentially work together. Mary Jo met will him after our panel and will continue the conversation in 2019.
  •  Mezzanine: Mary Jo Kochendorfer (Deactivated) to send the Zambia RFI. - DONE
  •  Mezzanine: Mary Jo Kochendorfer (Deactivated) to ask for more information and the source code is on SMSForLife.
  •  TZ/Alpha: Mary Jo to follow up and obtain the diagram he created for the eHealth architecture for Tanzania. - DONE
  •  Miguel Sitjar (Palladium): Rebecca to send follow up email providing him with community resources and contact information for SolDevelo that he and his colleagues can use for potential implementation Guatemala- DONE
  •  Meaghan WHO: Rebecca to send the follow up email CCin Vidya and Mary Jo. We will connect about Digital Health Guidelines and  Ask for the contact information for the regional ICT point people Derrick, Mr. Ba, and Mark. - DONE
  •  I-TECH: Mary Jo Kochendorfer (Deactivated) to follow up on the Notice C efforts and connecting with the OpenELIS product. She will reach out to Jan Flowers, Casey and Joanna. The group plans to meet in the new year.
  •  Shifo Foundation: Mary Jo Kochendorfer (Deactivated) met Nargis Rahimi and will follow up to learn more about SmartPaper to see if it could be useful for the OpenLMIS implementations. Brandon has also been connected with Nargis. Plan is to schedule a demo in the new year. Potentially very exciting.
  •  Abi Gleek (Every1Mobile) Rebecca Alban to connect with Abi Gleek, who implements the  Naijacare app (see session notes below) to learn more about their digital ordering system and e-learning modules that they have built into Naijacare



Session Notes 

Facilitating Collaboration to Accelerate Scale and Improve Digital Health Global Goods