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The Clinton Health Access Initiative ( (CHAI), VillageReach ( and SolDevelo ( are working together to create a standalone, rapidly deployable, cloud-based, free-to-use order, stock management and visibility system using OpenLMIS ( to achieve end to end visibility and management of COVID-19 commodities. 


titleMilestones And TimelinesborderStylesolid

titleReference Process FlowsborderStylesolid

Please follow the links below to see various reference process workflows

Response Workflows

Stock Management

COVID Commodities Requisition

Equipment Management

Reports & Dashboards


titleAssets to Support Localisation and Deployment

We are in the process of developing a number of templates to support data collection, document process flows and assist with deployment and post-deployment activities: 

  1. Consult the OpenLMIS- COVID19 Edition Deployment Guidance (document attached below). This document describes a wide range of implementation considerations, including:

    1. Implementation planning

    2. Deployment

    3. Training

    4. Costs

    5. System maintenance & monitoring

  2. Implementation Team: provides guidance on the makeup of country implementation team and roles and responsibilities of each member

  3. Response Workflows : Business process workflow documentation

  4. Templates for data gathering: These can help country teams to collect master data (listed below) in a format suitable for easy upload onto the OpenLMIS COVID instance. See attachment at the end of this section.

    1. Facility master list

    2. Location/Geography master list

    3. Product master list

    4. Equipment master list

    5. Supply lines master list

  5. User roles/profiles and access rights [coming soon]

  6. List of standard reports [coming soon]

  7. Scripts for User Acceptance Testing (UAT) [coming soon]

  8. Training Estimates

  9. Reference training materials [coming soon]

  10. Bug report template, reporting guidelines and contact information [coming soon]

  11. Reference system documentation [coming soon]

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nameDeployment Guidance_OL for COVID_June 2020.docx

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