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  • learn about TZ work to adapt eLMIS for COVID response

Discussion topics






Naomi Printz

Contextualizing the other COVID19 and eLMIS work in Tanzania

eLMIS improvements they are working on now:

  • development of dashboards

  • upgrade to v3

  • product registry based on GS1 standards

Created a weekly reporting form; and a monthly R&R form

Developed virtual training sessions on how to use eLMIS for COVID19; narrated ppt and self-directed quizzes (topics range from-How to submit an emergency order, How to fill out the R&R, etc.). And there is a resources tab for associated Job Aids for users. Naomi is awaiting approval from the TZ government and will share these materials once they are

There is a UN group ‘pillar’ who is coordinating the TZ country response supply response- coordinated by WFP

Brandon: Upstream visibility into inbound shipments; how are you getting that visibility? What data are you getting? It seems so chaotic right now. Naomi: The data comes from the ‘logistics pillar’. They report the quantities that are arriving on what dates. Its 160 different products (much bigger list than what the eLMIS has)

Brandon: How is data reporting to the pillar working? Or does eLMIS just share with MSD or govt? Naomi: the MoH did an online orientation for 6 facilities on how to enter data. its very beginning stages of getting rolled out. We don;t have a comprehensive picture of commodity use at all. The virtual learning is being finalized this week so that facilities can actually start reporting using this. Official data on number of cases hasnt been available for over a month now

Alpha: the prime minister was trying to paint a positive picture



Alfred Mchau

Ministry wanted weekly reporting for COVID-19 commodities; and then at the last week of the month they can do a normal ‘monthly’ order. there was MoH guidance on selecting 14 core commodities

Report SoH at facility level in an R&R form; use monthly for to request commodities from MSD

track inbound shipments- expected to be arriving in country; upload this info from a template and then you can see the status of the shipment, who it is coming from

visualizations; stock availability

can show percent of facilities reporting, percent with stockouts and % availability (aggregates all facilities)

Can use the Emergency Ordering Form any time

TESCOG- sections on ‘people and processes’ ‘commodity planning’--it was not specific to COVID; the ordering goes to the focal person at the Emergency Operations Center for approval; then goes to MSD. eLMIS had to do some reconfiguration to reflect that process change; deviation from the usual process for reporting and re-supply (usually approval comes from district pharmacist (I think?)

Next steps:

Conduct more orientations/trainings to help users; and get more facilities to report using this form in the eLMIS

Action items