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Finally, remember to replace certificates on Jenkins (step 6 from this instruction).

The easiest way to regenerate certificates if the instance was created manually is to run the following command on your local machine (step 3 from this instruction):



Regenerating manually created certificates

  1. Create docker with docker machine from your machine as described in Step 3 of Provision swarm With Elastic - OpenLMIS Deployment

    1. if domain is in use --generic-ip-address should be set to this domain

  2. Copy certificates as described here Prepare the Docker certificates to the server

  3. If server is used by Jenkins, create zip archive and update relevant Jenkins credentials

    1. To make build use new credentials, it’s workspace should be cleared Jenkins administration tips & tricks

If the certificates are additionally stored on S3 on AWS or on the GitHub repository then you should also update them in these places.