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Every supplier (Hub) will periodically (mostly monthly) receive requests from districts through mFlow. This request from mFlow appears on the approval page of HCMIS. HCMIS is the system that hubs use to manage all types of health commodities. The responsible person to manage vaccine products will find the requests that are sent from the districts when he logs in. He then processes the request following the steps on HCMIS.


User Stories

#TitleUser StoryLabelImportanceNotes
2Approve quantityAs a Vaccine managing officer at Hub level, I will find the specific District’s request/order on the ‘approve quantity’ section of HCMIS and analyze it. I will then permit the requested quantity, correct the quantity, or even cancel the request as appropriate.  HCMISMust Have

Print pick-listAs a Vaccine managing officer for Vaccine at Hub level, I will print a pick-list in the ‘Finalize Issue Order’ section so that I can be guided as to which batch numbers should be packed for delivery as well as the exact location of the items. I can also see the corresponding expiry date of the items that are going to be issued.HCMISMust Have

Review and finalize issueAs a Vaccine managing officer at Hub level, I will review the issue before I confirm it. If there is any correction, I will return it to the ‘approve quantity’ page and edit it again. HCMISMust Have

Print STV (Invoice)Once I finalize the issue, I will forward it to the invoicer for the STV to be printed. The invoicer will print the STV and a copy of the STV will be attached with the pick list and filed for further reference (if needed). If not, I will find any needed information from HCMIS at any time.HCMISMust Have


The items confirmed to be issued will go to the ‘dispatch’ page on the system. The Dispatch Officer will confirm the dispatch after checking the issues are according to:

  1. the approved quantity for the District,
  2. The information given by HCMIS (Batch, Expiry, Manufacturer).
HCMISMust Have
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