Monthly OpenLMIS Governance Committee Call. This meeting includes members of the governance committee, as well as anyone else interested in participating. 


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Action items for next call   

Action Items from September Governance






Chat Captures

Introductions and Call opening (3 min)

  • Notes from September Governance call

September Notes

Rebecca Alban (Unlicensed)


Welcome, Carl is in Norway

Upgrading OpenLMIS webinar (2 min)Rebecca Alban (Unlicensed)

Hosted a webinar last week on Upgrading OpenLMIS- here is the link to the webinar recording

here is the link to the quick demo video on Project Casper showing the upgrade path from v2 to v3

Community Meeting (2 min)Rebecca Alban (Unlicensed)

logistics/flights update

please send passport copy to Sierra

OpenHIE MeetingRebecca Alban (Unlicensed)

Who is going from OpenLMIS Community? Is it worth organizing a side session?

if not, this is a great opportunity to create linkages. Carl will be there; what ideas or connections should we explore on behalf of the community?

Facilitated Discussion with Resonance (40 min)

Resonance Team-Kim Couri & Alice Helbing

Update on where we are and facilitated group discussion 

We are deep into the private health workstream; Resonance will be presenting our private health prototype to potential clients

Revenue for sustaining OpenLMIS will have to come from a number of sources

Review of Final Private Health Prototype

Feedback from the group:

-(Brandon) OpenLMIS doesn't currently do all of these things; so we are trying to map out the LOE needed to extend OpenLMIS to do this. 

-And which parts of this would benefit the public health system? Like recommended re-balancing from facilities for example. 

(Ashraf) If the product could be matured to do all of these things it would be very attractive. Rather than having to custom develop things, could take the Bahmni route and use open source ERP (Odoo or Magento for example), which have online ordering and interfaces with shipping companies. We could integrate with other open source products and would not have licensing constraints

(Brian) Being able to fit into an ERP will be an important integration. Also, an 'insurance check' could be another function that could be useful in the public system, to see if/how the customer would be paying

(Brandon) Does JSI In-Supply fit this need? They are using eLMIS and VIMS as part of their portfolio. They don't have any plans to commercialize it but to use it in their current projects. Ashraf can connect Resonance with Yasmin who is based in Kenya and works on this project

Next Steps:

Nov 12th governance call will present final options/decisions to be made and will send out a survey for governance members to 'endorse' the options that they think are best. Then we will use the community meeting to decide talk through how the 'future state' will be implemented

Product Registry (PCMT) Update (5 min)Brandon Bowersox-Johnson

-small project funded by USAID (Digital Square/VillageReach collaboration) to solve the problem of master data management; consistent product identification. Project is off and running- beta release to happen this month. 1.0 launch planned for December

-GFP VAN (RHSC Project) will be the first user of this to work on a family planning product catalog

-Akeneo is the open source PIM (product information management tool) that was selected; has user friendly interface to update & edit product information

-Workshop in early December: Digital square and VillageReach are hosting. The workshop will help to make this a country-specific application

Ashraf: question about the platform: Answer: the platform is PHP based, uses Symphony which is similar to Java framework. You could still spin it up in a docker container.

It can serve as a global repository, and a country-level repository for products. They could feed into the global list and enrich the global list

Objective of this work: support GS1 implementation in country, use unique identifiers to allow tracking; hope is that will reduce time and cost for other info systems 

Bianca Poll from Digital Square ( is managing the pax list; Malawi delegation representing the MoH, regulatory body; etc. Also Nepal & Rwanda will have a delegation as well and will be in town 

Conferences and Meetings

Conferences provide the community the opportunity for OpenLMIS members to speak or represent the OpenLMIS software and community in public forum.


Upcoming Conferences

  • OpenHIE Meeting
  • Helina Conference
    • Nov 20-22 Botswana
  • OpenLMIS Community Meeting 
    • Nov 18-20th
    • community discussions around community next steps
    • learning sessions for partners 
  • Global Health Supply Chain Summit
    • November 20-22 Johannesburg, South Africa
    •  submitted multiple abstracts
  • Global Digital Health Forum 
    • Dec 9-11, Washington DC
    • OpenLMIS submitted 1 poster and 1 panel presentation abstract 
  • Global Goods meeting
    • Washington DC, Dec 13th

Opportunities Roundtable

Definitions to use shared terminology:

  • Implementation opportunity: an opportunity for an implementation or deployment of the OpenLMIS software.  Usually this is done at a national or sub-national level within a ministry of health. This can also include feature work which would be done within the implementation and contributed back to the global codebase.
  • Community opportunity: a funding opportunity to support an organization or individual to work directly on the global codebase and/or administrate the community processes. This may include funding specific features on the community roadmap.
Rebecca Alban (Unlicensed)

Country implementation opportunities:

  • This Trello table is being updated on an ongoing basis; to help the core team to track and manage implementation opportunities, but also provides a detailed snapshot of the scope and status of current implementation opportunities for stakeholders.

Community Opportunities:

  • New Trello table! Similar to the above table, this tool is being used by the stewards to track our exploring of new product opportunities and partnerships

Study Tours:

  • Study Tours wiki page tracks applications received, study tours completed, and other key milestones related to OpenLMIS Study Tours


Community and Product Updates
Product Updates
Community Updates

ATTENDANCE: Rebecca Alban (Unlicensed)Brandon Bowersox-JohnsonLindabeth DobyWesley BrownSierra Petrosky (Unlicensed), Pierre de Vasson (observer), Parambir S Gill (Unlicensed)Former user (Deleted)Kaleb Brownlow (Unlicensed)Douglas Khumalo, Alice Hebling, Brian Taliesin, Emily Clayton


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