Implementation Team

OpenLMIS is web-based Logistics Management Information System. In order to have a successful implementation, country teams need to have at minimum the following roles.

Project/Product Manager

  • This role is responsible for decision making in consultation with project sponsors. S/he acts as a custodian of the project timelines and product vision.

  • Maybe Supply Chain expert who understand the project needs

Project Technical lead

  • This role will need to drive the project from the vision and timing perspective. S/he will have to attend all technical meetings and provide guidelines in terms of country’s context.

  • Responsible for writing technical reports

  • Usually an IT person who understands technical terms and can translate them to Project Manager and other stakeholders

Project Support Team (2 or More)

  • These will be responsible for supporting project implementation from configurations, user trainings, end-user support after implementation

  • These will have day to day interactions with SolDevel/VillageReach in case of bugs

  • Preferably IT persons with understanding of supply chain (IT expertise is not required, however, familiarity with IT systems is a must)