USAID GS1 and BI&A - December 15, 2016

Agenda & Notes

DateLocationAttendeesAction Items
December 15, 2016CAMRIS South Conference Room
2461 S. Clark St. 4th Floor
Arlington, VA 22202
Lindabeth Doby, USAID
Brian Taliesin PATH
Ashraf Islam JSI 
Alpha Nsaghurwe - JSI TZ
Glen Milano - USAID COR BI&A Contracts 
Kyle Duarte - PSM
Wendy Nicodemus - JSI Zambia
Christopher Opit - JSI Zambia 
Brad Stora - GHSC BI&A Technical Lead 
Bob Celeste - RC Partners
Beth Cusack - RC Partners Family Planning 
Mary Jo Kochendorfer - VR 
Greg Meyer - USAID Supply Chain for Health
Michael Cooper - GHSC BI&A Data Architect 
Chris George - TW 
Danni Yu - TW
Brandon Bowersox-Johnson - VR
Tenly Snow - VR
Josh Zamor - VR (phone)
Jake Watson - VR 
Eric Mele - Project Director GHSC BI&A
Clerisse Lemke - USAID 
Beth Cusack - RC Partners
Bob Celeste - RC Partners
Greg Meyer - USAID
  • Eric Mele (Unlicensed) to share Excel of new Product Master - which is still in draft mode but which has been recently baselined
  • Alpha to share access to MFL
  • Jake Watson (Deactivated) share link to OCHA (question) site and GitHub for commodity tracking software
  • VR to send around doodle for scheduling the technical discussion around terminology and the delta on the LRM 2.0 
  • Lindabeth Doby to share KPI link(s), documents for VR to ensure OpenLMIS data support as well as to review possible conflicts in calculating KPIs between USAID and OpenLMIS standard reporting (reporting rates, stockout rates, et. al.)
  • Eric Mele (Unlicensed) and Mike Cooper to evaluate incorporating spatial data types into BI&A
  • Eric Mele (Unlicensed) to publish latest version of BI&A LRM v2.1
  • Eric Mele (Unlicensed) to share list of "Trade Item Attributes" - which is still in draft mode but which has been recently baselined

Additional Reading

Product Master - DRAFT Eric Mele (Unlicensed)

KPI Brochure - Lindabeth Doby

Presentation by Michael Cooper

Jake: Support for spatial data (will share)
When to assign GLNs

  • Number them, share globally, open for many purposes
  • "Master Facility List" can hold the GLN, Epicore ID, OpenLMIS ID, etc. 
  • Tie to OpenHIE

Jake: How much to assign GLNs
Lindabeth: Need a business case
Beth: Still use other stands even if not assigning GLN (use the data structure)
Wendy: There is a global project working on master facility lists "global MFL"
Eric: Master Data Trustee Group at USAID

Ability to represent data spatially 
Data is currently presented through micro-strategy 
Lat/long scattered through database 
GLN gives you precision. Identifier. Built on GS1 company prefix. Pricing based on volume and needs. 
Every identifier is a component, a structured string. One of those segments on the string is the GS1 prefix. 
Consider putting identifiers into the larger global community. Develop something that is valuable to entire world, include in an open community 
LMICs putting together care services discovery - master facility lists 
Terminology service - lines up all ways to describe a thing 
Master Facility List would hold GS1 - extensible 
Not yet plugged into EPICOR
TZ- MOH owns master facility list
Even if someone doesn't use the GLN, make sure that the data set associated is clean and follows the same format
Standards for GLNs, and standards for data 

Presentation by Eric Mele

Consistency for all GHSC contracts, publish data to share 
Family Planning uses GPC
All else is UNSPSC 
Tanzania Project: Lindabeth and Brand
Lindabeth: We've implemented Epicore in zonal warehouses. Gates work on VAN pushed us to make data useful. Matt gave access to data. BI&A team helping create visualizations.
Gloas: See stocks, facilitate transfers
Data: SO, POs, GRNs

Use informatica as ETL toolLoad in all eLMIS data"Adapter" concept with OpenLMIS 

Issues: Manual data lineup
See Logical Dashboard drawing in image below.

Entity relationship model
300 logical entities (some USAID specific entities)


From the point of view of the procurer view (owner of the supply chain)
Different geographic hierarchy
"program support of control over products or programs"
More generic Logistics Locations
Purchase order = order (from approved requisition)
Sales order = shipment

Everyone would need a GLN

Product classification

Trade item id

OpenLMIS Presentation - MJ & Josh

Brian: Is vaccines a separate service or baked into whole product?
Eric: Wants more about reporting 

  • Josh answered about Tableau
  • Goal: To enable countries to generate their own reports
  • Eric's worry is stand name and metrics in reports. Eg "Inventory Turns"
  • Lindabeth: USAID ISG has some standard KPIs with definitions
    • 1 - In-country existing reports to watch
    • Donor reporting
    • Supply chain best practices built in 
  • Issue around definitions of report terms/calculations
    • Have a glossary? Show on the report
    • Document in wiki

Product Model

Mike Cooper to work with Josh to refine. Brian T, Ashraf, Beth, and small group to refine and bring back to larger group to review

VR to reschedule  

Section from Brad

Tanzania BI&A effort
Visualization of the data for Tanzania
Informatica to do data mapping
Already thinking about next version
Looking to create dashboards for actionable data
Data harmonizing Tanzania
9500 total EPICOR9 products
2500 ordered recently
375 (potential  tracer products)
20 tracer products


Don't communicate back from EPICOR9 back to eLMIS
Still working on the terminology for the KPIs
Inventory turns
Supply chain
Later Conversation around SCM, product list Malawi and OpenLMIS