Tips & Tricks

  • When starting up all the services in Blue, if some services exit with a code of 137, and the logs for those services say "Killed", your docker VM is probably running out of memory. Bump up your docker VM's memory to solve this issue.

Database Access

Connecting to a running Postgres RDB instance on AWS

Run the following terminal command:

ssh -N -L 1234:<AWS-RDB-INSTANCE-NAME>:5432 ubuntu@<AWS-HOST> -i <PATH-TO-LOCAL-PEM>

For example:

ssh -N -L ubuntu@924.842.92.44 -i ~/.ssh/OLMISEnvDockerHost.pem

This will open a connection to the AWS host and then create a tunneled connection via the AWS host to the RDB server running over the specified port (1234 in the example given). You should then be able to connect to the database using the username and password defined in the environment file for the specified instance. 

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