Stock Management Seattle Workshop March 2017

Below is a proposed workshop agenda draft from Shiyu. This workshop is very agile so we can always change it if it is needed. 

Please respond with comments or suggestions.

MON/Day 1: 

Firstly, we will have a kick-off session to explain why we are doing this workshop and how to do it and what is the outcome of each slot. 

Secondly, TW will present what the OpenLMIS version 3.x will be based on the information/tickets in JIRA. TW and VR will discuss how the Panda team fits into this.

In the afternoon, we would like to have a team retro to review what we have done for past six sprints and we can improve. 

Then, TW will review the current technical design/architecture with VR ensure we are on the same page.  

TUE/Day 2:

We will review all business processes including creating new stock line item, notification process. 

It needs the whole team fully engaged and ensure we all agree with each other. 

In the later afternoon, we will have a following technical discussion based on the outcome of the business process review. 

Outcome: confirmed business processes 

WED/Day 3:

We will have a low-fi/wireframe design workshop in the morning. This session will only cover one or two core business processes like creating new stock line item, viewing SOH status. The purpose of this slot is to collect different stakeholders' preference of the usability which would help our UX design further mockups. 

In the afternoon, we will have a non-functional requirement brainstorm session to help us understand if we have any performance, security and other non-functional requirements for release 3.1.

Later, our tech lead will have a technical discussion with VR technical people to review the technical solution and whether we need to update it. 

Outcome: agreed wireframes, non-functional requirements

THU/Day 4:

TW will host a story writing session to share some rules we use when we create/write stories. As for exercise, we will write a few stories within the business process we identified on Day 2. 

In the afternoon, TW continues to write and estimate stories. After completing writing the stories, TW will map these stories with existing JIRA tickets to avoid any gaps.  

Outcome: a list of estimated stories 

FRI/Day 5:

Within the stories we wrote on Day 4, we will have a prioritization session. The outcome of this session would be a draft release plan and scope. 

In the afternoon, we will have RAIDs (Risk,Assumption,Issue, Dependency) session to review the RAIDs we raise up during the workshop.

At the end, after some consolidation work, TW will present a showcase for the five days workshop. 

Outcome: release plan and showcase

Moreover, we would like to have a retro at the end of each day to keep improving the workshop.

Core team includes Brandon, Mary Jo, Josh, Shiyu and Pengfei;

Everyone: core team + other stakeholders;

TW: Shiyu and Pengfei;

Tech people: Pengfei, Josh 

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