[SELV/SIIL] CCE: Temperature Alarm from RTM

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OLMIS-432 - Getting issue details... STATUS

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  • The goals of this requirements page is to document the user stories specifically related to the "Create CCE Catalog" feature. This feature fits within the CCE Reporting and Management epic ( OLMIS-571 - Getting issue details... STATUS ) for the vaccine module and requires a full set of user stories to support development. 
  • While very high-level features were outlined for inclusion in the vaccine module, this page and its sister requirements pages will be used to capture information, stories, background, and processes for the much more specific features.
  • Scope: This feature should include stories on:
    • System processes around RTM communicating with OpenLMIS
    • System processes around generating temperature alarms (SMS, email, system alert)
    • System processes around recording & tracking of alarm instances
    • User processes around resolving alarms
    • Configuration of related to "Temperature Alarm for RTM"
    • ...
  • Out of scope for this feature:
    • Managing SMS sending from RTM
    • Directly monitoring temperature
    • Configuring RTM device settings
    • ...

Country Background

Are there any country-specific details about this feature that should be noted?


  • The user who sets the CCE catalog is not the same user who adds the equipment info per facility
  • One high-level catalog will encompass all CCE used within the health system (no separate catalogs for each district)
  • ...

User Stories

#TitleUser StoryLabelImportanceNotes
1Configure RTM pagesAs a system administrator, I want to configure the RTM pages so that I can specify input types available and specify options for types/frequency/escalation of alarms.SELVMust HaveThe system administrator will configure the pages but the Program supervisor will
2Configure alert settingsAs a Program supervisor, I want to configure alert settings so that I can specify who gets the temperature alerts, in which facility and within what parameters.SELVMust have
3Add RTM to facilityAs a CCE technician, I want to add RTM devices to my facility so that I can receive alerts from specific devices working within my purview.SELVMust Have
4Parse RTM temperature outputAs a CCE technician, I want my OpenLMIS to parse alerts from my RTM so that I can receive notifications within OpenLMIS on fridges that are not functioning normally.SELVMust Have
5Generate temperature alertAs a CCE technician, I want OpenLMIS to generate alerts based on temperature outside the normal range so that I can better monitor the health and status of my cold chain system.SELVMust haveThese temperature alerts can include email, SMS, and system dialog box messages
6Escalate temperature alertAs a Program supervisor, I want the temperature alerts to escalate up the management hierarchy if they have not been addressed in time so that aissues with the cold chain do not go unchecked.


Business Process Mapping

Include any mockups, diagrams or visual designs relating to these requirements. Each feature should have a corresponding business process map to show SOPs related to that functionality. 

Open Questions

Below is a list of questions to be addressed as a result of this requirements document:

1Does OpenLMIS need to calculate the alarms itself based on data from the RTM, or should the RTM let OpenLMIS know that there is an alarm? (Which system decides that there should be an alarm?)
2What kind of operability standard are necessary for OpenLMIS to interact with the RTM and/or NexLeaf itself?

Not Doing

Out of scope for this feature OR potentially saving for future development.