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  • Ability to record a physical inventory count (sometimes called stock take, or physical count)
  • A draft physical inventory can be saved and returned to


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  • Products/Orderables are managed centrally (meaning an Admin adds new products and assigns those products to approved lists for facilities/programs), storeroom managers cannot add new products/orderables to the master list
  • Active Products (those have stock cards) must be included in the physical inventory and storeroom managers must input the physical inventory quantity.
  • Storeroom managers can add inactive products (do not have stock cards) in the approved product list 

User Stories

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#TitleUser StoryLabelImportanceNotes
1Create a new physical inventory

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OLMIS-2148 - Getting issue details... STATUS
Must Have

2Add new products from the approved product list during physical inventory

OLMIS-2150 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Must Have

3Save a physical inventory draft

OLMIS-2131 - Getting issue details... STATUS OLMIS-2130 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Must have

4Submit a new physical inventory

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OLMIS-2136 - Getting issue details... STATUS OLMIS-1861 - Getting issue details... STATUS OLMIS-2346 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Must Have

5Remove a physical inventory draft

OLMIS-2518 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Must Have


Step 1 : User selects Program 

Step 2 : User is brought to the "Physical inventory" page, where they can create/view physical inventory. 

Step 3 : Input quantity for active products 

Step 4 : user selects the "Add" button

  • Search/Select Product 
  • Click 'Add' button
  • Input quantity
  • Add N products to physical inventory

Step 5 : After added products

Product CodeProductLot NumberExpiry DateStock on handCurrent Stock
C100Venlafaxine capsule 75mgLot A05/05/2018


(cannot edit)



Step 6 : Save physical inventory

Step7:  Remove a physical inventory

Step 8 : Submit physical inventory

Users are required to choose the occurred date for the physical inventory. Moreover, users are able to fill in the optional signature fields. 

After users click the confirm button then this physical inventory is submitted. 


Allow storeroom managers to create stock cards during physical inventory

OLMIS-1632 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Validation for physical inventory stock event

OLMIS-1633 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Only the program ID, Facility ID and orderable ID combination can create a stock card, get rid of the logic that stock card can be created based on the stock card ID. This is the feedback coming from technical discussion meeting.

OLMIS-1863 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Open Questions

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Out of Scope

  • A fixed schedule to complete the physical inventory
  • Physical Inventory data automatically feed into requisition service