2017-04-18 Meeting notes




Discussion items

30 minsCreate adjustment process discussion
  • We need to make the adjustment and date as editable columns in the table
  • Submission mechanism, a whole batch submission
  • Error message behavior, follow the existing style guide error message design
20 mins Lot turn on/off design
  • Which option do we use
  • Do we allow turn on/off lot feature? No, the system will always have the lot feature but the UI will be dynamic based on whether the system admin add lot information into the system.
  • No lot defined option added into the lot field dropdown list so users can choose this when there is no lot belong to that tradeitem.

Mary Jo Kochendorfer (Deactivated)'s comments :

  • Let's move forward with solution 3. No feedback from PC yet.
10 minsUpdating function docs to reflect final decisions and what was implemented.

Stock Management - update the personas with workshop results

Create an Adjustment - link tickets which are related to the implementation of creating an adjustment, insert screen shots

Manage Physical Inventory - thanks for updating the screen shots.

View Stock on Hand - Thanks for updating the screen shots.

Release TimingBrandon Bowersox-Johnson

A Sprint would end May 25/26. May 29 is a U.S. holiday (Memorial Day), and a few VillageReach folks will be out around that time:

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Action items


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