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Target release3.1

OLMIS-623 - Getting issue details... STATUS

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  • Ability to record receive/issue stock movements (which adjust my stock levels) to my products within my storeroom 



  • Storeroom manage can only make receive/issue stock events for his home facility;
  • No notification for receive from facilities;
  • There is no approve process for making receive/issue
  • For release 3.1, store room manager can choose any facilities as the source/destination of a stock event

User Stories

#TitleUser StoryLabelImportanceNotes
1[UI] Perform ad hoc receipt

OLMIS-634 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Must have


[UI] Perform ad hoc issue

OLMIS-635 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Must have

3[API] Update the stock event API to support one event include 'receive from/issue to' fields

OLMIS-2432 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Allow end user to submit receive/issue stock eventMust have

4Allow users choosing a program to make receive/issue stock event

OLMIS-2450 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Allow end user to choose one program for the receive/issue stock eventMust have


Step 1 : User selects Program 

Step 2 : User is brought to the "Make Receive" page, where they can create receive.

Step 3 : After user choose a product and click the 'add' button

  • A new line is added to the table
  • Select Receive from (required)
  • Select Reason 
  • Select Date (required)

Step 4 : After filled in required fields

If the there is lot data:

Step 5 : After click 'Submit' button,  user sees confirmation modal which displays "<username> confirms "N" receive/issue.



Allow system admin assigning source/destination to specific facility type and program combination

OLMIS-2441 - Getting issue details... STATUS

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