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  • The goals of this requirements page is to document the user stories specifically related to the "Create CCE Catalog" feature. 
  • Scope: This feature should include stories on:
    • User processes around adding new CCE to catalog
    • User processes around editing CCE entries in catalog
    • User processes around deleting CCE from catalog
    • Configuration of pages related to "Add CCE" functionality (e.g. viewing available CCE catalog, UX for user selecting CCE, etc.)


insert discussions during the workshop which are relevant to note. List participants.


  • CSV uploads will suffice for initial population of the catalog and updates

User Stories

#TitleUser StoryLabelImportanceNotesJIRA Ticket
1CCE RightsAs an administrator, I need the right to be able to upload the PQS database csv to create the catalog and update it.

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Create CCE catalog via PQS catalog CSV

As a national EPI program supervisor, I want to create a PQS catalog in the system of all the possible CCE in my system so that each CCE technician can add/register their specific equipment inventory.


background on SELV/SIIL → [SELV/SIIL] CCE: Create CCE Catalog

background on VIMS → [VIMS/VLMIS] CCE : Configuration and Setup

We should arrange CCE data in system the same way PQS does, and if there is additional information needed / additional fields we can always add those.

PQS : PQS.xlsx

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3Add CCE to catalog

As an EPI Program Supervisor, I want to edit the information for the CCE in the catalog so that I create an accurate catalog of all the possible CCE devices for use in the country.

This could also be done by CSV import. Any additional CCE to be added would necessitate updating the CSV and re-import.

Acceptance criteria:

  • should include all the same fields as PQS plus any of the determined additional fields
  • Do not allow deletion of CCE from catalog via deletion from re-imported CSV


Related to this, Report maybe should include % devices in all inventories that are not PQS devices. THis is a data point that UNICEF et al uses to assess maturity of a country's cold chain. Need to talk to Ryan McWhorter further about this need.

This editing of CCE catalog should be handled by the preceding user story by editing CSV and re-uploading.

OLMIS-2893 - Getting issue details... STATUS

4Archive catelog items

As an EPI Supervisor, I want to select which CCE items in the catalog are visible or not for new device additions so that I can prevent DIVOs from adding equipment inventory that is outdated, not longer used, or restricted for some reason.

Acceptance criteria:

  • if device model is invisible/archived, specific CCE devices of that type within facility CCE inventory lists should still be visible.
  • if device model is invisible/archived, it should not appear as an options for users who are selecting a model for specific CCE device inventory list registration

MVPCan we instead treat this as archiving / making inactive a catalog item?

OLMIS-2608 - Getting issue details... STATUS

5Add voltage stabilizers to catalogAs a DIVO, I want to have voltage stabilizers appear in the catalog so that I can add them to my facility CCE inventory lists and reflect a more accurate picture of my total CCE inventory.

2 votes

If voltage stabilizers are already included in PQS catalog, should we include them as part of the catalog MVP?

6Add user manuals to catalogAs a CCE technician, I want the user manual for a CCE model to be included within the CCE Catalog for each device so equipment repair information can be easily looked up when I need to conduct maintenance.
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7Instructions to manually request addition of new CCE model

As a DIVO, I want to be reminded of the SOP to request that a new CCE model be added to the CCE catalog so that I can take action.

Acceptance criteria:

A simple instruction box with text describing the SOP for how a IVO should contact a national level admin / EPI manager for inclusion of additional CCE into the catalog.

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8Suggest CCE for catalog

As a CCE technician, I want to be able to suggest a CCE device for inclusion in the CCE catalog so that I can:

  • Add a new device to my inventory list that is not yet in the catalog
  • Let the EPI supervisors at the central level know that new non-catalog equipment is being introduced to the cold chain

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9Add non-catalog CCE to facility inventory

As a DIVO, I want to be able to add a CCE device that is not in the CCE catalog to my inventory so that I can accurately track all CCE at my facility, even if it is not recognized by the central level.


0 votes

Could alternatively be added to the "CCE Inventory" key activity/epic.




Open Questions

Below is a list of questions to be addressed as a result of the vaccine workshop:

1CSV import framework is not currently defined. SHould we write import stories as part of this epic? or write stories as if import already exists?

Will be decided and implemented in OLMIS-2604 - Getting issue details... STATUS



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