2017-06-14 Core-MW Performance Meeting notes



Paweł GesekWeronika Ciecierska (Unlicensed)Nikodem Graczewski (Unlicensed)Łukasz Lewczyński (Deactivated)Mateusz KwiatkowskiPaweł Albecki (Deactivated)Sebastian Brudziński


  • Determine next steps with performance changes

Discussion items

Minimizing responses for state change endpoints
  • Data from submit/authorize/approve/skip/reject endpoints minimized by using a basic dto - this should not impact UI calculations after some small changes on the UI side, so we decided that we can merge these changes - there shouldn't be any real issue with the client (UI).
  • This does not change much with the UI, except the offline requisition will no longer be overwritten when changing status
  • There is some concern about the UI calculations not being sent to the backend for validation (the calculated fields are getting nulled) - but this commit does not really change things with this, currently the user is shown the UI calculations as well (they are not sent to the backend).
  • We weren't sure if backend validates calculation, but likely so - if this is the case, the UI should not set calculated values to null before sending. This would make us more confident in the UI calculations.

 Non full supply products
  • Non full supply products are now fetched with a single call instead of looping through them and fetching them one by one - this is the only change to them that was made (except the above response trimming). Apparently the performance gain is from 30s to 5s.
  • The above change is a PR from Jakub Kondrat - he is doing last fixes for it
  • Caching the orderables might be a future improvement to this
  • Malawi performance tickets are outdated and do not reflect the work being done in them
  • Comment by Jakub Kondrat that Josh Zamor is asking about is outdated, Jakub Kondrat will respond in the ticket

Action items

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