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Target release3.4
Epic OLMIS-4661 - Getting issue details... STATUS
eLMIS StatusPartially Implemented
OpenLMIS StatusNot implemented
PATH Jenny Thompson (Unlicensed)
OpenLMIS Mary Jo Kochendorfer (Deactivated)
JSI Ashraf


To make the “full-supply” tab of the R&R more readable and manageable through allowing each facility to configure a shorter product list for the R&R template which is a subset of the approved products they are entitled to order and for the system to remember this subset from one period to the next, while still allowing the facility to add back in other approved products when needed.

Status in eLMIS: In eLMIS and in use (except for the part marked “enhancement”)

Status in OpenLMIS: Appears not to be configurable this way in OpenLMIS currently

Priority: High priority


Currently in OpenLMIS, all of the approved products for the facility-program appear on the screen.  They can be ticked as “skip” but this causes them to grey out not to disappear, and skipped products are not remembered from one period to the next.  In some cases the list of approved products for a facility program may be very long, and only a subset of them are used by that particular facility on a regular basis.

In eLMIS, facilities can add or remove products from the R&R. They can remove products by clicking “skip” (which greys out the product row) and then saving the R&R (which removes the skipped products from the screen entirely).  They can add products using a pop-up screen which allows them to select from their approved products list.  If they add or remove a product, the system “remembers” this so that when a new R&R for that program for the next reporting period is opened, the product list is as it was on the previous period’s R&R.

The functionality described above is in eLMIS and in use, however as well as this users requested this feature be further enhanced (in a way which is not currently in eLMIS) in order to prevent some essential products being removed from the screen, while allowing other products to be removed from the screen.  Currently “skipping products” can be enabled or disabled for an entire program but not for individual products.  Users would like to be able to select particular products as non-skippable, which would override even if the program setting is set to skippable.


User Stories

#TitleUser StoryLabelImportanceNotes
1Remove products on product lists in R&R with updates saved for future entry

As facility staff (or district staff submitting R&R on behalf of a facility) I want to be able to remove products from the product list on the “full supply” tab of the R&R, and for the system to remember this from one period to the next, so that I don’t have to scroll through long lists while filling the R&R data.  

TanzaniaMust Have
2Add back products on product lists in R&R with updates saved for future entry

As facility staff (or district staff submitting R&R on behalf of a facility) I want to be able to add back in products from their approved product list into their R&R full-supply tab when needed, and for the system to remember this from one period to the next, so that I still have access to all of their approved products.

TanzaniaMust have


To add a product, the user can click on the "Add" button on the top right (see screenshot below)

On clicking the "Add" button, a popup comes up (see screenshot below). The user is able to:

  • Browse through expanded list of "Authorized" fully supply products
  • Alphabatical list of products are displayed under respective product categories. Both product code and product name are displayed
  • User can vertically scroll to browse through entire list of products
  • User can search for a product by typing fragment of a product name and get a matched list
  • User can select one of more than one product to add, using a check box
  • Use can cancel and not select anything
  • Note:
    • If a product is not displayed in this list, then make sure that the product is configured as a full supply product and is an authorized product for that facility. Use Admin section of the product and facility to check these configurations.
    • If a product is added, and not subsequently skipped on the R&R screen, the system will remember this and will include this newly added product in the default R&R screen. This way, the facility will not have to re-add the same product, every reporting period 



Open Questions

Below is a list of questions to be addressed as a result of this requirements document:

1For Tanzania user stories: review the users, "so thats" added, review the label, and review the priority level.
2Is this feature similar to the request from Malawi  MW-340 - Getting issue details... STATUS ?
In Progress, will discuss with the PC on August 15 2017
3Kyle Duarte (Unlicensed) Kyle Duarte (Unlicensed) brought up the need to understand and figure out how to close out balances if you skip a product with an opening balance, etc. Make sure to get his input and review.

Out of Scope

Notes from Gap Estimation 4/11/2018

  • Attendees: Mary Jo Kochendorfer (Deactivated), Matt Berg, Josh Zamor, Ashraf Islam, Peter, Craig Appl, Muhammad, Elias, Brandon
  • Every time a new requisition is created, it starts with all facility approved products.
    • There could be 600 products that are required for a particular requistion/facility type/program
  • They want to be able to remove products from the list of full supply and they want the following requisitions to populate based on this
  • Request:
    • In eLMIS As a facility user, I want to decide which products I want to report on. (There is an additional request to make a special UI screen where the user can pick which products they want to report on or skip–separate from their monthly or quarterly R&R. Mary Jo: Is there really value in that? Discussion: It is questionable.)
  • We are not creating a UI that allows us to configure their list in advance (outside of the periodic R&R form).
  • Idea:
    • Give the list of the facility approved products from central admin
    • Add a database field for active/inactive reporting for each facility approved product
    • Modify the view to show which ones were skipped in a separate inactive tab, with the ability to make it active again
  • Question: If the Stock Card data says that you do have stock on hand, are you still allowed to skip reporting on this product?
    • Ashraf: There could be simple logic that if you do have stock on hand, you have to report on it.
    • Josh: Or there could be a feature to require you to zero it out or report where that stock on hand went.
    • Mary Jo: I would want this feature to work with Stock-Based requisitions.
  • This is per-facility, not per-user.
  • Warning: 
  • DONE in 17 minutes.

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