2017-07-17 QA Meeting notes



Join the call: https://www.uberconference.com/samim1
Optional dial in number: 401-283-2986
PIN: 22089



  • Introductions
    • Test Strategy: Sprint grooming & planning workflow, daily defect tracking
    • Version 2
    • Communication
      • QA slack channel daily updates
      • Informal questions about processes, tasks, tickets, concerns
      • List tickets that have been reviewed with devs for test coverage
      • Weekly meetings every Monday
  • Tracking time accurately for dev tickets and test case execution
    • Adding test cases for dev tickets: Identify incomplete test coverage per ticket, documenting, creating new test cycles
  • Test cycles for each sprint: Sprint testing, regressions, bug tracking 
  • Showcase test cycles

Discussion items


Ideas for next meeting

  • Add edge cases and defining that QA process to the Test Strategy
  • Tracking time accurately
  • Communicating when regressions are scheduled (small and big)
  • Showcasing regressions
  • Agreeing on how to define and implement contract tests (writing contract tests - what is the contract test coverage)
  • Build a culture of test driven development
  • Push devs to finish before end of sprint
  • Open communication (#QA check in everyday)
  • Orientation of product, walk through of where to go for documentation, walk through of version 2, other history

Action items