Requisition - Data validations

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EpicRequisition- Data validations
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eLMIS StatusImplemented
OpenLMIS StatusImplemented
PATH Paul Nindi (Unlicensed)
OpenLMIS Mary Jo Kochendorfer (Deactivated)
JSI Ashraf Islam (Unlicensed)


R&R forms needed additional data validations

Status in eLMIS: Implemented.

Status in OpenLMIS: Implemented

Priority: High priority for Tanzania, Zanzibar, Zambia


To improve data quality R&R validation process had to be enhanced further

  • Do not allow a product to be skipped, if that line item had any data elements entered such as – opening balance, issues, etc.



Data validations are listed on the SOPs and were included on training manuals/sessions

User Stories

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R&R form

As a data entry person, I would expect the R&R form to perform additional checks to ensure that I'm completing the forms in the way the SOP requires. For example, the system should not allow a line item to be skipped if that line item already have some data elements entered.R&R formMust have

2Delete an R&RAs a data entry person, I should be able to delete a draft R&RR&R formMust have

3Skip a periodAs a data entry person, I should be able to skip a period, if the R&R for that period was not available for some reasonR&R formMust haveSometime a facility in-charge goes to vacation, post become vacant, or because of some other reason an R&R for the previous period is not going to be available and the data entry person needs to skip that period so that R&R for the current period can be entered




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