Requisition - Approver Unskipping

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EpicRequisition- Approver Unskipping
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JSI Ashraf Islam (Unlicensed)


R&R approval workflow needs to support some additional scenarios

Status in eLMIS: Implemented.

Status in OpenLMIS: ?

Priority: High priority for Tanzania, Zanzibar, Zambia


The approver 

  • Need to reject an R&R with reasons
  • Need to fill quantity to order, even through that product line was skipped 


Supervisory relationships are set in the admin section 

User Stories

#TitleUser StoryLabelImportanceNotesJIRA Tickets

R&R form

As a supervisor I need to be able to reject an R&R and be able to explain why it is being rejected (April 10 2018, this is in Version 3.x)
R&R formMust have

2R&R formAs a supervisor I need to be able to override an skipped line item and fill quantity to order
R&R formMust haveIn some cases, this could be a scenario when a new product is being sent to that facility


eLMIS have a Reject button for approver. Approver can provide comments/reasons for rejection. Approver is asked to confirm the rejection. After confirmation, the R&R is reset to Initiate stage and the facility is notified through email.

Facility then login and open the R&R. Comments button changes color to indicate that comments were added. Facility can ready, fix, respond to the comments and resubmit. Approver will be able to read the comments chain and approve, if satisfied.

See the screen shots below, for this workflow

Approve add comments for rejection

Approver is asked to confirm

R&R is returned (set to Initiate status) for data entry again

Facility reads the notification through email, login and find the R&R in Initiate stage

Facility see that the Comments button is lighted up

Facility read the comment, fixes the flagged issue and resubmit

Approver get notification email, login, read the comments, feels satisfied and approves this time

Second Scenario: Unskipping a product by the Supervisor

Approver sees that two products were skipped

For the skipped products, the Approved Quantity and Remarks cells are disabled

Approver decides to unkipped the first product. Now the Approved Quantity and Remarks cells are enabled so that the approver can override and approves some quantity and adds remarks, if needed

Note that even after unskipping, rest of the report related cells (i.e., Opening Balance, Receives etc.) are still disabled. 



Open Questions

Below is a list of questions to be addressed as a result of this requirements document:

1Is it possible to notify users through the system instead of (or in addition to) an email? A system notification on the home page will get attention earlier than an email.

Out of Scope

Gap Estimation Notes 4/10/2018

  • Attendees: Mary Jo, Elias, Muhammad, Peter, Brandon
  • User Story #1 is already in version 3
    • Yes, Elias and Mary Jo confirmed this is already in version 3.
    • Version 3 does not have the Comments button is lighted up. But version 3 addresses the need because the comments are shown open at the top of the form. So it's a different UI design that addresses the requirement already.
  • User Story #2 (supervisor override a skipped line item)
    • Elias: The skipped products not being hidden is something that Zambia uses extensively. In fact, they want to see it without pagination. There is history about why this particular need. The pagination is configurable by a developer configuration (a properties file entry specifies 10 items or 1000 items).
  • Inter-dependency with Requisition - R&R Product Lists feature.
    • The inter-dependency is with adding/removing and the "Add" button.
  • Question:
    • Does it need a feature toggle so that implementers could choose whether this feature is available?
  • NEW GAP FEATURE (New as of April 10, 2018)
    • Need to create a new wiki page to capture this new feature. 
      • Elias Muluneh to create a wiki page for this new feature including screenshots of the admin UI.
    • Some periods order, other periods are for reporting.
    • In eLMIS-TZ, this is a new monthly reporting feature where only certain months (periods) are configured to be ordering periods. 
    • Does this impact calculations? Elias: No, we did not have to change calculations.