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In OpenLMIS, regular replenishment process follows a regular cycle as per configured schedules for that program. A facility is expected to initiate only one regular R&R per program per period. However, in certain cases of epidemic outbreak for example, there might be urgent requirement of some products. In order to facilitate this urgent requirement, the concept of emergency R&R is introduced which will allow facility to initiate an emergency R&R at any point of time.


This feature was implemented in version 1 and 2 and replicated for version 3


  • Emergency R&Rs always applied to the current period
  • Any number of emergency R&R can be authorized for a facility - program - period combination
  • Authorize-Requisition user rights applies to both regular and emergency R&R
  • Create-Requisition user rights applies to both regular and emergency R&R
  • Beginning balance of a product for an emergency requisitions will be the stock on hand of the previous period's regular R&R (if available). In this case, system will populate the beginning balance for that product. If there is no regular R&R available for the previous period, or no data from the previous regular R&R for a particular product, beginning balance will be the user input field.

User Stories

#TitleUser StoryNotesImportanceJIRA Tickets
1Submit Emergency R&R

As a user, I want to submit the emergency requisition, So that I can order products in case of urgency

Must Have

As a user, I want to authorize the emergency requisition, So that it can be processed further for replenishment

Do validations and error handling on Full supply, non full supply and regimen tab same as regular R&R




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