October 17, 2017

Monthly OpenLMIS Governance Committee Call. This meeting includes members of the governance committee, as well as anyone else interested in participating. 


7:00 - 8:00AM PST - Seattle

10AM to 11AM  EST - New York, DC

4:00PM CEST - Geneva, Copenhagen*

5:00PM EAT - Dar*

*Please note the updated meeting time in CEST and EAT timezones 

Call Details

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International numbers available: https://zoom.us/zoomconference?m=wRxqI2_rSgQgMuyGfkJqWpM151Lwg6Bd


  • Matt Berg (Unlicensed) to follow up with Carl Leitner on FHIR for inventory data
  • Mary Jo Kochendorfer (Deactivated) on behalf of OpenLMIS core team to present readout on in-person Ona, BAO, OpenLMIS meeting at next Governance instance
  • Ashraf to facilitate introduction to Ethiopia team 
  • Carl Leitner to provide update on conversation with Satmed
  • Governance members to introduce topic of standards on next OHIE Supply Chain Subcommittee meeting (November) 
  • For next call: Understand what USAID, Gates, PSM see as opportunities for deployment 
  • For next call: Discuss more formal process for approval of Digital Square workstreams 






Chat Captures

Introductions and call opening


Ona & OpenSRP Introduction

Readout from integration meetings at VillageReach 

Agenda: In-Person Meetings: DHIS2, OpenLMIS, OpenSRP

25 minutes

Matt Berg (Unlicensed) (lead) 

Mary Jo Kochendorfer (Deactivated)

Introduction to OpenSRP and Demo - Matt Berg

Goals for the in-person workshop:

  • Map the full vertical stack vision and how the suite of tools can interoperate
  • Define the DHIS2 + OpenLMIS + OpenSRP
  • Establish a vision for the OpenLMIS Mobile offering

  • Kick off Reporting project with Ona.

Matt gave a demonstration of the application Zeir, developed by Ona for Zambia immunization program. Features include birth registration, patient search, immunization record, as well as stock management and tallying features. 

Reports/tally sheets 

  • Application automatically generates indicators based on daily usage
  • DHIS2 indicators for immunization in Zambia
  • Replaces the tallying (reduces workload on health workers). Can then submit a report on the data for that month. The app aggregates the data, then the form will automatically submit to DHIS2
  • Can send app-generated data and manually entered data to DHIS2

Stock management module 

Simple stock data relating to products, meant to manage stock at a facility level. Not currently connected to any other system. Can perform receipts, can have the system connected to a facility list (like in DHIS2). 

Issues can be entered correctly based on usage


Basic forecasting and usage report 

Can add additional modules - if we add another health sector, the interface would be optimized for other programs 


  • Matt is in Seattle meeting with BAO and OpenLMIS core - discussing ways to combine reporting efforts 
  • All share similar reporting needs, data warehousing
  • How to leverage DHIS2 for reporting
  • What would a quick win look like? Integrating stock module for OpenLMIS 
  • How can we develop a mobile app for OpenLMIS? 
  • Would appreciate  feedback on the opportnities of linking better demand forecasting, managing stock out, notifications when shipments are sent, ensuring women arrive on the right day, etc. 

Mary Jo 

  • Within vaccine world, quite a lot of opportunity
  • HIV and TB - linking with continum of care, can optimize stock levels at point of care 
  • OpenLMIS goal → What would it look like to do a full vertical stack. ERP down to facility. How to link with healthcare service delivery side (OpenSRP, OpenMRS, DHIS2). Exploratory conversation and will share with the community at-large for feedback. 
  • Discussion around integration: OpenLMIS → DHIS2 → OpenSRP
  • Will have a panel on DHIS2 and OpenLMIS integration at the GDHF
  • Longer term: What is OpenLMIS's mobile strategy? Agnostic (restful APIs) 
  • What is our strategy? Pick certain partners and have deeper integration? Work with OpenSRP and define clear boundaries? 
  • Kicked off conversation last week with Product - Parambir (GHSC-PSM) to discuss with MJ as product manager 
  • Similar reporting needs across the platforms - how to optimize 
  • Have identified needs as a community - specifically for vaccines need to build out reporting suite. Reporting and Analystics page in Product, sub-page. 

Questions and Discussion

Carl: OpenSRP uses OpenMRS as the data store for clinical data. What happens for the stock data? Where is that stored?

Matt: Not very clear right now. Pushing aggregate data into DHIS2. We need to find the right home for that. Not sure if OpenMRS is the right home. A lot of the discussions are about how this would be best handled. OpenLMIS is the ideal place to store that data. We can store the data in OpenSRP (two way sync with OpenMRS).

Carl: Need to standardize the data exchange.

Matt: Can FHIR be used for inventory? Logistics? Need to talk with Carl 

Ashraf: What we have seen with OpenSRP – as a PATH funded BID project, perhaps we should also arrange for a demo of their application, TIMR (Tanzania Immunization Registry). Some work has been done and rolled out to Arusha, Gates foundation funded and open source. Before we standardize on OpenSRP, take a look at it. Maybe OpenSRP can benefit from their experience in TZM. Rolled out across the country - facing challenges. 

Matt: Goal isn't to say that OpenSRP is the single mobile solution for OpenLMIS. Your suggestion is well taken. 

Carl: For the vaccine counts in TZM, they are using a FHIR resource to extract accounts and make that consumable by DHIS2. Matt should look at that. 

Matt: How does the health data overlap with the OpenLMIS data? What are the synergies? 

Ashraf: For those of us who aren't in the workshop, next Governance meeting, a report-out. Give an overview of what has been accomplished?

Mary Jo: Next Product committee meeting will give a report-out and receive advice from the Community. Any other examples of countries we should be looking into? Contact MJ or leave a note in the agenda itself. Questions around FHIR and standards - can also talk to Carl. 

Ashraf: Other countries → Ethiopia and Pakistan (work with immunization). For Ethiopia, Ashraf can facilitate the discussion. Pakistan, JSI doesn't have that project anymore. Now a PSM project.

Kyle: As we move forward with this, can arrange for an overview of th vaccine project for Pakistan. 

Interested in developing a product and system capability document, what are sharable components, what is a path to interoperability, as an open source community, what do we prescribe and mandate? Produce a body of knowlege and say, this is vLMIS, this is OpenSRP, these are the standards they meet, interoperability, etc.

Seeing that products have overlaps but they also have niche specialization. If we look at OpenSRP, starting with tracking babies and mothers and evolving to stock management, start with managing stock for campaigns then tracking infant, child consumption, etc. Interesting to see the pathways for different products. 

Carl: Two discussions here:

  • Discussion on identifying standards → discussion for OHIE supply chain, ensuring that other software tools are in agreement and on board
  • What is OpenLMIS's niche specialization in defining and accomplishing that work?

Digital Square updates

  • Governing board meeting
  • OpenLMIS proposal
25 minutesCarl Leitner

Governing board meeting yesterday (10/16). Reviewed the OpenLMIS proposal → was accepted for funding(!!!)

We don't have the full amount available currently to fund the full proposal, but the board has mandated to Digital Square to help round out the request. Next steps:

1 - Will formally reach out to the proposal submitters (VR, JSI, Ona) to start the contracting process. To figure out the specific SOW and workplan 

2 - Resources conversation with LB and Kaleb. Will follow up offline. 

Will get a formal message out this week. Aim is to have everything done by the end of the year, ready for work at the start of the new year. 

Ashraf: Commend Carl and Digital Square. 

Governing board did have some questions. Will need to report on a routine basis to the board. Conversations with OpenLMIS for functional requirements and country deployments. Have to see where the opportunities are for OpenLMIS. 

Opportunities: Need to understand what USAID, PSM, etc., see as opportunities

That's the information that the board is interested in seeing. Will develop an annual workplan. Would then submit another proposal at the end of the year for release of funding for the next year. What we can expect in terms of longer term strategy. 

Carl: Question for committee in relation to workplans. Not sure what the right interface should be between Digital Square committee and Governance committee in terms of workplans. Submitters are represented on this committee, but do we want to have formal presentation or formal approval process? 

MJ: As a submitter, we indicated that prioritization was happening within our community (ie. gap analysis), but it was our understanding that this community would determine priorities and take into account the LOE that teams put toward those workplans - more iterative. 

Carl: Thinking about if the board is asking for more longer term information. 

Product Committee updates 10 minutesMary Jo Kochendorfer (Deactivated)

Discussed reporting and analytics in the last Product committee meeting. 

Ona team is in town - can work on providing answers on the approach for reporting. 

Local fulfillment - key feature for resupplying vaccines. Able to look at orders within OpenLMIS and fulfill it from the storeroom. Subnational fulfillment from a larger hospital, district or regional depot, etc. MVP for March with the 3.3 release. Beta in January - hoping to demo the beta version of vaccine features for Gavi, with Gates facilitating the connections. Key funders (GF). Demonstrate the growth and features. Hopes of finding a country willing to be the first implementer of version 3 OpenLMIS vaccine feature set. 


Carl: Having a conversation after this call with Satmed. Bringing OpenLMIS to the table for that discussion. 


Community Updates
Rails Girls Summer of Code

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OpenLMIS at 15th TechNet-21 Conference in Cascais, Portugal 

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Principles for Digital Development event in Dar es Salaam 

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