Demo Data Requirements

The purpose of this page is to outline problems we have with our current demo data set so that we can create tickets to update demo data and assign them to future sprints. The page is called Demo Data, but this data is in our test and uat environment, and also supports demos.

We need demo data to:

  • use current period in the demo data so that it matches the actual current date for requisition processes
    • This helps with checking if period validations are correct
    • This helps with creating emergency requisitions process
  • contain historical requisitions
    • This helps with testing calculations are correct
    • Testing changing elements over time (such as reference data - reasons, adjustments, etc)
  • have users that match the scenarios we need to test, and match our test steps (do not use administrator user for every test)
    • have multiple user logins to allow for multiple testers and multiple teams (especially during regression)
    • try to limit dependencies on other testers if possible 

Current demo data problems:

ComponentDesired changeText Case ImpactedValue in updating
CCEUpdate demo data to match the parameters in this test case (4 facilities with certain pieces of inventory in certain statuses) OLMIS-3787 - Getting issue details... STATUS Ease effort in testing

Only one warehouse supports orders (Ntcheu District Warehouse)


Current demo data for view orders is stale data, and each order only contains one or two products so this doesn't match a real world scenario


there should be orders for each historical requisition processing period


there should be orders for each order status to confirm that the statuses that show in view orders page remain consistent


PODs should exist for each facility

  • Reports
    • Reports need to be validated - what test cases exist for reporting? 
    • Need historical data (requisitions) to feed into reports and validate
    • What reports are missing in demo data?
  • Requisitions
    • Need historical requisitions that include more than a few products, and that include adjustments, stock out days, skipped products, comments, emergency requisitions
    • Need requisitions in all statuses, for all programs and facilities
    • Need more users to initiate, submit, authorize, approve, etc.
    • Need more test data to support edge cases and error scenarios
  • Stock Management
  • Administration


  1. Are there other scenarios that we need to support and add demo data for that aren't represented today? (Fulfillment, offline, performance scenarios?)
  2. Should we have different data sets for test, uat, and demo environments?

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