How to create a new core UI service

  1. Create a new GitHub repository and add manage access to @OpenLMIS/developers team

  2. Copy basic configuration files from the root directory in any existing UI service

  3. Create pipeline based on any existing UI pipeline

  4. Add a reference to a new UI in the reference-ui docker-compose file

  5. Create DockerHub repository and add proper permissions:

    1. Automated -> read & write

  6. Push the latest image from local (offline-ui example):

    1. Build image

      docker build -t .
    2. Log into DockerHub

      cat ~/dockerhubpassword | docker login --username openlmisci --password-stdin
    3. Push image

      docker push openlmis/offline-ui:latest
  7. Create Transifex project

  8. Add repository to FishEye

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