Prep call: PSM Demo of COVID Edition, April 2021


ParticipantsWesley BrownRebecca Alban (Unlicensed)Christine LenihanGaurav BhattacharyaBrandon Bowersox-Johnson


Materials for Rebecca to send in advance:

  • Slides and new pdf of vaccine features

Sync on proposed agenda for demo: (they requested the presentation to last about 30 minutes)

  • Intro slides -Rebecca (5-7 minutes)
    • *include slide on pros and cons of workflows
  • Demo (15-20 minutes)
    • stock management
      • update stock quantities via receipt
    • reporting
  • Q&A - remaining time
    • Rebecca can put up certain slides on the screen as relevant
    • our whole team should be available to respond

Key messages:

  • Intro slides: 
    • COVID Edition is like OpenLMIS in terms of functionality but designed for quick start up, and for COVID specific products

Live demo: 

  • Use regular OpenLMIS v3 demo site for vaccine focused demo?
  • important to have COVID vaccines, syringes, PPE, etc. in the actual products; with lots. With a very short product list so you don't have to scroll and can focus on the key supplies; 
  • show its a simple process; short and readable facility names  
    • Part 1: Stock Mgmt: Physical inventory; quick update, track things that have changed
      • see changes in SoH
      • a few minutes on requisition; a report-only requisition form (could be done weekly) is another option
      • Key messages: 
        • in the guidance you will see a demo video on this; reference the guidance for dashboard questions (driving people toward the website and slide deck that we published)
        • This is designed to help countries get as much visibility as possible with the simplest workflows (easy to use, quick, fast)
    • Part 2: reports- consumption, stockouts
      • anything vaccine specific? 
      • Key message:
        • show a wastage report 
        • dive deeper where you want to

Anticipated Q&A:

?Why would a country that already has OpenLMIS adopt this new Edition versus just adding new products? What are pros/cons to each? (which option is cheaper?)

  • Christine: unclear if the COVID Edition is a separate product. Its not, but its a pre-packaged set; pre-configured

What is the difference between OpenLMIS and the COVID Edition? (*Rebecca to have slide ready about the 2 situations)

  • Brandon: Its a simple pre-packaged set up of your OpenLMIS . But if you already have OpenLMIS you can apply this configuration

What is included in the Launch Package? (Brandon)

  • What support is being offered to existing OpenLMIS countries? does the launch package apply? For countries who have an LMIS, if they want support we can make it available. But there needs to be other inputs that come from the countries (project manager, data, etc.)
  • Once the Free Launch package ends, what level of costs are anticipated to keep it going?

Local hosting: When? how? what would it take? why not right away? (Wes)

Why would we use this instead of DHIS2? Brandon: if you already have another tool that is doing this, you don't need redundant services. Our guidance is to show what OpenLMIS can do but if you have other solutions that meet your needs dont re-invent the wheel. Leverage what you have. Gaurav: if you're looking to quickly deploy a system and then expand it to the rest of the program then OpenLMIS should be your preferred choice (we can support supply chain processes at many levels). But if you aren't going beyond this specific use case then DHIS2 can work. We are an approved tool by Gavi/Global Fund eLMIS tool 

Resilient systems, reference to ebola experience: choosing OpenLMIS would be doing things differently "building back better" (Rebecca to integrate this into intro slides)

Timelines: How long will it take? (Christine). Explain what is needed from the country in order to meet the 4 week timeframe. Malawi could be quicker. Estimate 4 weeks but that van vary depending on

(internal question): is there a certain amount of visibility we need in order to offer our support- to make sure there are people on the other side to take things over after 6 months? Brandon: Our slides said that MoH request is required, also need a project manager and be able to collect all the data; these pre-requisites might be enough. 

Who would do the work? (someone local or global)?

Next steps: