Unicef Webinar preparation

Date May 26, 2021

OpenLMIS participants:  Rebecca Alban (Unlicensed)Dean TebbuttWesley Brown, Benn Grubb (tech lead in East Asia)- works on DICE. 

(not present but sharing with Trevor Lambiotte as an FYI)


Support Digital Health Center of Excellence- starting work with this re: COVID but hopefully want to expand the scope too

Tasked w/ putting together series of webinars w/ Gavi LMIS providers over the next few weeks

Last year Ben put together a procurement plan to guide country offices for eLMIS; how do you write a ToR, evaluate them, etc. Used Gavi/Global Fund materials; this is a pre-curser to getting a global LTA in place to be able to fast-track 

UN agencies tend to piggy pack LTAs so this one will hopefully be not as painful this time around

Active in the Map & Match project where they will be country briefs

Webinar details/plans:

  • digital health center of excellence, will be hosting the webinar series; have DICE speakers; and opening the audience up to WHO
  • want to run 2 of these; 1) for asia/Africa region 2) another for the Americas
    • will have another facilitator supporting
    • allocate about 1 hour, keep intros minimum;
    • they are developing a series of questions for us to address
    • leave 15-20 min for facilitated Q&A at the end; that gives us about 35 minutes
    • usually 60-100+ participants 
    • demo component? 
    • COVID focus? yes- trying to balance between colleagues who are desperate to get vaccines out and solve immediate value
      • talk about timelines SaaS vs on prem; 
    • audience level of knowledge: tech focal points are primary audience; supply colleauges; most in asia dont know OpenLMIS well; variable knowledge; limited knowledge of the product specifically but are digital health people so understand concepts
  • Talking to 34 countries in the region; EAP Region is less consistent where USAID has had a big influence
    • only a few countries in this region have DHIS2
    • hard to get the digital public good conversation; hard to have pre-existing integrations available
    • would be good to talk about integrations that we have had w/ other govt systems; and 
    • Are countries more bespoke or is there HIE systems in place? A few countries have decent eHealth strategies and HIE ; they did a recent series of country case studies
    • active HISP in Bangladesh; Malaysia and Thailand are building their own bespoke systems; some countries have capacity and wealth to do things themselves; authoritarian govts want to build things themselves and don't want to share data
  • Points to cover in the webinar:
    • digital health enabling environment; what is there beyond the tool; frame this via possible value added features; opens a new world of capabilities
    • Enterprise Support for long-term support as a subscription model
    • How does the transition happen from COVID→OpenLMIS long term
    • mention imp partners
    • Total cost of ownership in terms of:
      • what is our model
      • up front costs for things (on prem) vs Long term operating expenses
      • we can give indicative numbers (large vs small); example a low end would be a rapid COVID install
  • Ben's email of suggested topics to cover in the webinar: (if its too much to cover all in 35 minutes some of this could be covered in resource materials/links)
  1. Product and technical overview
    1. Overview of core modules
      1. Available in system
      2. Available through integrations 
    1. Offline/Online functionality. Mobile-first. Low bandwidth considerations.
      1. Data Collection and Validation (business rules engine offline as well?)
    1. Data dashboards
      1. Support to existing business processes and flows through data analysis, reporting, and visualization
      2. What KPIs are available/produced by the system?
    1. Openness – code, standards, APIs, documentation, devops etc…
    2. Hosting (Cloud-based Hosting or On-premise Hosting)
    3. Data security and privacy
      1. Security audits or similar?
  1. Integration and Interoperability- integrations in existing implementations
    1. Current/planned/examples of custom deployment/integrations
      1. Use-case inclusive of resources/costs
    1. E.g. Track and trace, real-time monitoring of cold-chain, DHIS 2 etc…
  1. Country deployments and level of implementation
    1. Localization- how many languages are supported? 
  1. Critical success factors for deploying eLMIS
    1. What makes a good client/product owner?
    2. What enabling environment is needed to make digitization a reality/success?
      1. Do you have some sort of readiness assessment to guide early stage scoping?
  1. Business/operating model
    1. Total Cost of Ownership
    2. Human Capacity required for system maintenance and support/Sustainability model in countries 
    3. Support & maintenance options
  1. Existing or planned Long Term Agreements with UN agencies (value or time-bound) were they used? 

Next steps:

Ben send calendar hold with proposed webinar date/time- June 10th for first one, and then will plan subsequent webinars for other timezones and possibly one in French

we go through his questions he sent; send any questions we have on them

our team to develop set of slides/presentation and send to Ben a few days in advance for his review