2021-06-15 ONE Network Integration


Jun 15, 2021


  • @Wesley Brown

  • @Josh Zamor

  • @Sebastian Brudziński

  • @Dominika Bieńkowska

  • @Krzysztof Łazarski (Deactivated)

  • @Trevor Lambiotte


  • Ensure that everyone is clear about what is needed

  • Discuss and hopefully answer any open questions about the integration

Discussion topics





Quick Review

Specific Goals:

  • Get stock on hand and consumption data from OpenLMIS into ONE Network (at an MVP-level)

    • Functionality should be real but does not need to handle all edge-cases (though we should start to understand what those edge-cases are)

  • Starting with the demo environment as the initial target


  • Josh: Should the data be extracted for individual facilities or just for central/warehouses?

    • Trevor: At the individual facility level

  • Sebastian: What about product/facility master data mapping?

    • Trevor: Master data would be sourced from OpenLMIS (for this MVP) and would not have live data feeds

  • Josh: What format for data sharing?

    • Trevor: CSV is the typical exchange but an API also exists (or can exist?)

    • Josh: UTF-8 compatible?

    • Trevor: Not sure

  • Josh: Transmission protocol?

    • Trevor: sftp, basic auth as well as more robust (likely not needed for this scenario)

    • Trevor: For initial setup of the MVP the files can just be generated and emailed

  • Krzysztof: What is SolDevelo’s role in this? What is the scope of work for this?

    • The team is already focused on working on the mobile app as the main deliverable for the next version

    • Wes: We would like SolDevelo to lead on this work

    • Trevor: Unlikely that there will not be anyone from Vitalliance to work on this; maybe one dev to help a little, if needed

    • Krzysztof: SolDevelo would at least need some dev contact for ONE Network-related questions

    • Krzysztof: Who is the business owner for this?

    • Trevor: Dev is very unlikely to be needed on the ONE Network side, the setup and config is more of a functional activity

    • What time constraints?

      • As soon as possible but fitting within the existing work. Want to hear when this can be done from SolDevelo given that work. Hopefully by the end of Sept

      • Krzysztof: Three month deadline may be tricky taking into account the mobile app work

    • Trevor: The point of contact for technical questions will be Patricia (Patricia.Ngomane@imperiallogistics.com) and cc Wes and Trevor

Next Steps

Potential Milestones

  1. Create initial data files and email to validate (test UTF-8)

  2. Send data files through sftp (or whatever)

  3. Setup automated data file generation and transfer

High-Level Design

Implement within a new service to dependencies on other required services (Requisition/Stock Management/Ref Data/Other?). Trevor: No licensing considerations needed here.

Maybe two services, one for getting data and another for putting the data somewhere, though two might not be required:

Action items

@Krzysztof Łazarski (Deactivated) to prepare a high-level scope of work and send by the end of the week (Jun 18)