Required changes after Mobile App MVP implementation

Only two simple changes are required in every ui module:

  • in package.json file one line of code needs to be changed in devDependencies, this:

    "devDependencies": { "openlmis-ui": "file:///dev-ui" },

    needs to be replaced by this:

    "devDependencies": { "dev-ui": "file:///dev-ui" },
  • all .scss files need to be renamed by adding this prefix the file name: _
    e.g. file named “headers.scss“ needs to be renamed to “_headers.scss

Additional notes:

  • In Dockerfile change && curl -sL | bash - \ to && curl -sL | bash - \

  • In *.scss files if you use url() method for image upload, make change in argument from url('branding-malawi/logo-header.png') to url('../assets/branding-malawi/logo-header.png') (add ../assets/ to path)


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