Backlog Grooming Sprint 48

reen currently Available SOH is shown in doses and Order Quantity in packGoal: Finish work towards feature goals for 3.3 (vaccine stock based requisition, Receiving/POD, Local Fulfillment, etc.), make progress on Administration screens and critical needs for implementers.

Dates:  -  

2 sprints left (1 sprint is for testing) until 3.3 release on  


  • Q:  OLMIS-4078 - Getting issue details... STATUS (MUST)
  • Q:  OLMIS-4195 - Getting issue details... STATUS  (MUST)
  • Q: OLMIS-3853 - Getting issue details... STATUS  (MUST)
  • OLMIS-2734 - Getting issue details... STATUS  (Nice to have)

Receiving and Proof of Delivery

Sebastian Brudziński could you do an audit of the full supply chain workflow (initiate/submit/authorize requisition in Lurio, approve requisition at Cuamba district, fulfill order at Cuamba district, manage POD back at Lurio)?

Ideal Product Model

  • OLMIS-4118 - Getting issue details... STATUS (MUST)
  • Didn't pick beacause of lack of ACC  OLMIS-3907 - Getting issue details... STATUS  (MUST) (Needs acceptance criteria from Josh Zamor)


Administration Screens

Finalize CCE  


Bug Backlog

Bugs are sorted by priority and any critical bugs should be considered as MUST for Sprint 48.

key summary type created updated due assignee reporter priority status resolution

Team ILL


  • OLMIS-4125 - Getting issue details... STATUS (blocked by OLMIS-4078)
  • OLMIS-4129 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  • OLMIS-4197 - Getting issue details... STATUS  
    • Need to decide about demo data (Team ILL)
    • work around testing the integration

Demo Data Audit



Release Notes

Implementer toolkit 


  • Notes, please add tickets if needed.
    • Are there any due dates?? Needs?
    • Webinar/onboarding doc - let's make sure to record it so we can reuse it.
    • Outreachy - May 22 is when assignments are due.
    • GSoC - Tenly Snow (Deactivated) to let the group know when those are due

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