Office Hours - 2022-01-20 - Technical Focus


Jan 20, 2022


  • @Wesley Brown


Discussion topics








Revising the Contribution Guidelines

Updating the guidelines from here:

@Dominika Bieńkowska

Update on Postgres Upgrade

Hubert will add some additional detail to that documentation

@Nikola Laskowska

How to handle contributions with regards to Angular/React

This question comes out of the work done for ? on the additional admin screens. In general, should we accept work done in Angular or rewrite the functionality in React before incorporating that work.

  • Nikola - Accepting Angular changes likely puts that work to the bottom of the React conversion queue. It might be better to just make that conversion right away

  • Pawel - Rewriting into React should not be too difficult

  • Wes - Worried about having to spend time to upgrade contributions that would normally be “free”

@Trevor Lambiotte

Feedback From Users

Trevor - Would it be beneficial to get feedback from the users?

  • Wes - Not sure if users would care about this as it’s mostly a backend change

  • Trevor - This does allow for improvements to pages and quicker/better/faster changes. Sell this update to the users and get them more involved

  • Dominika - Feedback from users would be very helpful as we work on page upgrades

  • Fellimone - The SELV project already has a lot of feedback (both in Jira and just documented)


Version of Superset

Is it possible to upgrade to the latest version of superset?





Upcoming Discussion Points

Addition of Temperature to SM intake/adjustment pages

Vaccine landscape review (per Moses’s comments)

Additional Admin Screens (Dominika)

Next Product Office Hours - Discuss Configuration/Setup Improvements (for the next release, v3.14)

Upgrade Superset Version

Action items

@Wesley Brown to prepare for the discussion around the “Stock Management Temperature Recording” feature (waiting on functional info from CHAI Nigeria team)
@Wesley Brown to add User/IP Feedback on UI upgrade to Stewards Meeting
@Wesley Brown create a page for us to track user feedback (and share with Fellimone and Dominika)
@Dominika Bieńkowska Meet with the SolDevelo team regarding contributions and Angular/React and share at an upcoming Office Hours meeting