Office Hours 2022-04-21 - Tech Focus


Apr 21, 2022


  • @Wesley Brown


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Previous Action Items



Update on 3.13 Release

Main Features:

  • Requisition-less Orders

  • CCE Movements

  • Hide Zero Quantity Items on Physical Inventory

  • Lot Creation

  • Postgres Upgrade (9.6 → 12.x)

  • Angular → React Upgrade (Ongoing)

  • Bug fixes


  • Expected to be released today

@Wesley Brown

Next Release (3.14)

Next focus is on simplified configuration

  • Seed tool improvements

  • Metadata round-tripping

  • Wizards for common tasks

Fellimone - Support to help with tasks like creating a new program (this is difficult enough now that it is avoided)

  • Give users an easy way to clear their local cache. Something like a button/menu item as part of the logout process

    • Things like adding a new source or program, changing user roles, new lots





Upcoming Discussion Points

Addition of Temperature to SM intake/adjustment pages

Vaccine landscape review (per Moses’s comments)

Additional Admin Screens (Dominika)

Upgrade Superset Version

Discuss How OpenLMIS can better track Lab commodities

Action items

@Wesley Brown create post about the creation and goal of the User Feedback page
@Dominika Bieńkowska (Deactivated) Document how we identify and upgrade dependencies/libraries - Who is responsible, how upgrades get prioritized, etc
@Wesley Brown to prepare a draft of the revised Contribution Guidelines
@Wesley Brown track the required minimum version of Postgres for OpenLMIS and explicitly document upgrade timeline
@Wesley Brown send Ben an email once 3.13 release notes are complete


  1. When something specific is going to be discussed, send an email to the invitees and post on Discourse




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