2018_02_05 Reporting SOH Brainstorm



  • Review what we're currently able to visualize using the Ona reporting dashboard
  • Ashraf will share his perspective of reporting

Action items:

  • Mary Jo and Ashraf will setup a call to discuss how VIMS holds min and max calculations


  • What are the key indicators of the current supply chain?
  • How do they want to see stock on hand information?

Ashraf did a mock-up in Excel:

  • Goal of stock on hand reports: To present stock on hand on an actionable way at the facility level
    • Different views depending on login information
    • Tracer Products ad the facility level:
      • We need to be able to see which products breach the min and max thresholds that have been established
      • Display one product as a time, Ashraf presented Stock on Hand trend graph over period of time and Replenishment relative to consumption report (Excel Spreadsheet)
      • In a program, there can be hundreds of products
      • There is an association between the products and program
      • We need to know a subset of products that are assigned to a program.
      • The database should capture the program/product association for these tracer products
      • Each Facility captures their own min and max variables for programs in the program definition
      • There should be a drop-down to pick their tracer products - This is available in the SuperSet preview
      • End users could get different views
        • Both min and max could be added to the tracer products
        • We could present a list of products that have breached
      • eLMIS already has reports for the actual product values, but the dashboards have a different value. The dashboards are there to project values for learning.
      • We need to put the dashboard into context to get value from it:
        • Are we getting a stock out because we aren't receiving as much as we should have?
        • Can be complex:
          • requisition amount and date/time
    • Tracer Products at the district perspective:
      • Goal: Minimize the number of emergency orders across the district
      • Still selecting one product at a time
      • Focusing on stocked out trend
      • There are many facilities that need to be reported
      • The information here is more about the trends
      • Column examples:
        • Number of facilities who carry a particular product
        • Number of facilities stocked out
        • Order approval workflow information (order, placed, approved, fulfillment, etc)
        • Percent of facilities stocked out
      • We should be able to click down to see the root cause of the issues
      • All of the information is available in the system, we just need to figure out how to link it together and determine the interesting elements that need to be teased out of the data.
    • VIMS at both facility and district level: Actively developing
      • If you're a user, you can have different tabs depending on the view that you see.
      • Reports here have actuals as well
      • The dashboards should have a view at:
        • The facility where I'm working
        • Facilities I'm supervising
        • District views for multiple stakeholders
      • TimR is sending data to VIMS through an electronic interface
      • DHIS2 information is not updated as regularly, so it's not necessarily used actively. We're unclear how often VIMS is updated compared to DHIS2
        • Facilities have an HMIS form that needs to completed on a regular schedule and submit it to DHIS2. This crosses many programs.
      • The EPI program is very well supplied, so the stock requests flow well.
        • There's a problem when there are cold chain equipment failures
        • Facilities share CCE
          • This shifts the program activities from ensuring supplies arrive to ensuring CCE is working. It's like a higher level problem.
      • One question: How is the timeliness of reporting across facilities?

Districts (with issues of approving and getting stock out)

  • Concerned at avoiding the emergency orders (expensive and disruptive)

Meeting with Clay Crosby (Unlicensed), Vidya Sampath, Mary Jo Kochendorfer (Deactivated) on  

Stocked according to plan could be another option.

Idea: Donut or pie chart view for any product % of facilities of whose stock on hand on a daily bases is within, below, above.